Gakuen Babysitters Episode 7 Review: Part 7

Kirin said it all: She couldn’t find any good points for Usaida because he is just bad. At least the babies know what is going on, ‘nough said.

Kotaro: This kid is just getting dragged by everyone and just gets along with it. What a pure and kind soul he has, or just really bad reflexes. Also, he can’t be more badass than this.

Themes & Trivia

To carry on with the naming analysis: Yuki Ushimaru’s name, aka the girl who likes Ryu, includes the word ‘ushi’ () meaning cow. Not the most flattering word to have in your last name, but if you noticed, there is a shot of her holding and sitting on a cow plush toy in this episode. I love how they still involve the characters with the animals represented in their names, for example when Kirin put a sticker on her skirt and the sticker was a boar.


Okay, the situation with the babies leaving the nursery is getting out of hand. Can someone install a baby gate or something? How can everyone be so irresponsible? No wonder that the only babies that are in the nursery are teachers’ kids. Who else would trust this kind of place to take care of their kids? And once again, the award for the worst babysitter in the world goes to Usaida. Even Kotaro realized before him that Takuma left the room. You would think that after dealing with all these babies, his reflexes would have become a little bit better, but no, he sleeps like a baby himself, not giving a flying f*ck. I am pretty sure that if the chairwoman realizes that the babies just go around the school premises for walks unattended, she will be furious.

Lastly, did anyone else notice that Takuma and Kotaro left the nursery without wearing any shoes on? And then Takuma when he was leaving he still wasn’t wearing any shoes and no one seemed to care enough to get some shoes for the poor babies. If they would be carried all the way back home then fine, but they seem to walk quite a lot. Am I the one that is being weird because I don’t have kids or is everyone in this anime not capable of being a good babysitter or parent? Jeez.

I don’t understand women’s rating systems

If you were to understand your head would explode my friend. Looking forward to seeing next week’s episode for more cuteness, romance, and irresponsibility. Cheers!


Gakuen Babysitters (School Babysitters)

Winter 2018 | Anime Info | Simulcast

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