Gakuen Babysitters Episode 6 Review: Part 6

Themes & Trivia

Takai Takai: When Yagi helps one of the brothers out of the bush he says to him ‘Takai, Takai’ (たかい) which literally means tall or high and is an expression used in Japan when someone lifts a kid or a baby up high as some form of game. It is the equivalent of upsy-daisy where it is used to express encouragement to a child who has fallen or is being lifted.

Manju: Nezu brought to Ryu and Inomata some manju in order to thank them for taking care of his brother. Manjū (饅頭, まんじゅう) is a popular traditional Japanese confection. There are many varieties of manju, but most have an outside made from flour, rice powder, and buckwheat and a filling of anko (red bean paste), made from boiled adzuki beans and sugar. They are boiled together again and kneaded.


Nezu’s story was quite touching and it really felt that this episode was all about role models and how to make the best out of your situations. Even if he comes from a poor family he still manages to be first at school, work part-time, support his family that apparently loves him very much, and have good friends that care for him. But the most honorable thing about him is his dignity as a character. Even though they are poor, he still went out of his way to go and buy manju for them just because they helped his brother. I like him a lot and maybe Usaida can learn a thing or two from him as to how he can be a decent human being.

I will mention this for the last time, but I really believe that Usaida sucks. He is the worst babysitter ever. Yes, in this episode he tried at least to give the kid some support, but again I don’t know how he got this job, especially when you have the tsundere old lady as a chairwoman. And one last thing, Yagi is not a pedo for sure, he just really likes kids. He likes them the same way as Inomata does, but he just happens to get nosebleeds because of it.

Two rear ends growing from the hedge

Oh Saikawa, everything he says makes me laugh. He is just my absolute favorite. For some reason, I am expecting this anime to become really sad at some point because, as I mentioned in my previews reviews, I can feel the sadness lurking in the background. What do you think about it? I feel like we will get to know more backstories about the characters and there will be some kind of tragedy somewhere.


Gakuen Babysitters (School Babysitters)

Winter 2018 | Anime Info | Simulcast

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