Fullmetal Alchemist Meets Sanrio at Tokyo Station Pop-up!

FMA is getting a Sanrio makeover! Small Planet, a company specializing in character goods, is set to release a series of items featuring Fullmetal Alchemist characters in a super adorable Sanrio design.

The lineup includes socks, drawstring bags, zipper pouches, acrylic keyholders, and tin badges, which will all be sold at Ichiban Plaza, an event space located on the Tokyo Character Street inside First Avenue Tokyo Station, from Nov. 16 to 30.

These adorable socks come in three versions: Good Comrades, Edward, and Alphonse, for 380 yen per pair.

Available in Elric Brothers and All Stars, these drawstring bags measure 7.9” on each side and cost 450 yen.

The pouches feature the Elric Brothers and All Stars design, but this time with a white background and even more cats. (Al, how many times do I have to tell you, you can’t keep them!)

Just look at these adorable keyholders! There’s a future cat lady right there…

And last but not least, some tin badges to decorate all your stuff! At roughly 3” in diameter, they are rather large, and they come in Edward, Elric Brothers, and Good Comrades. These will sell for 600 yen each.

The pop-up shop is a pre-sale, so even if you miss it, you still can get your hands on the goodies at Kiddy Land, Tokyu Hands, and other character goods shops from Dec. 1.

So, who do you think looks the cutest Sanrio-style?

(C)Hiromu Arakawa / Square Enix

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