Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory Episode 8 Review: One – Man Force

Last week’s episode ended with Sousuke in a stalemate and with Nami at gunpoint. The first few minutes in I was already in shock! All I kept saying at this point was, ‘OH MY GOD!!’. This was the tensest episode yet. Full Metal Panic will give me a heart attack at some point.

Japanese Original Title:  (一人の力)


Nami is at gunpoint and Sousuke only has ten seconds to save her, all on his own. Kurama gets under Sousuke’s skin big time, after committing an unexpected horrific act. An enraged Sousuke wants Kurama’s head on a platter (I would too). It turns into an all-out gun battle in Namsac between Kurama and Sousuke. As the saying goes, ‘People get there just for the desserts’ it’s been a long time coming, for some.

Episode Highlights

Shock After Shock: My heart literally couldn’t take this episode’s tension moments. It was one after the other, I’m not kidding. My heart was racing the whole time.

Let’s Hate Kurama: I didn’t like Kurama before and now HATE, HATE, HATE HIM!!. I’m not one to go all rant mode over a character but Kurama from the beginning had that smug, confident attitude that was enough to get under your skin. After his horrific act that sent Sousuke and me over the age… OH. MY. GOD!!!

The Power Of Love: Speaking of one of those shock moments: Sousuke interrogating a wounded Kurama for Kaname’s whereabouts was such a cheesy scene but Kurama asking ‘What, for power of love?’ had my heart dropped in awe. Sousuke’s response, ‘What’s wrong with that?’ was such a precious moment for him. I loved this scene way too much.

No Stopping Sousuke: The mecha battle in Namsac downtown was bad-ass. I don’t know why it was so exciting to see a revengeful Sousuke. Not someone I’d like to become entangled in a battle with, for any matter.

Another Arbalest?!? – Teased at the end of the episode, it’s what looks to be a new and improved Arbalest. Positive it will be for Sousuke, Arbalest 2.0, haha.

Themes and Trivia

Kaname’s Whereabouts: Kurama reveals three potential places, Amalgam are hiding Kaname. San Carlos, Niquero, and Granada are all located in Costa Rica and Mexico. Great setting for the final stage of this series.

Lemon: Also revealed that Lemon is no photographer but a part of a military division known as DGSE agent for france, gathering information on Amalgam. For what purpose has yet to be revealed.

For Love: Kurama couldn’t believe Sousuke’s weak misjudgment, that lead to being shot so easily. To Kurama it looked weak but we all do stupid things, when it comes to love. To be willing to give your all is a virtue and Sousuke does not deny this fact.


This episode was epic and I am still wrapping my head around it. Everything was intense and kept up that momentum and it brought out a lot of squealing and squirming on my end in excitement; you have no idea. The part that shocked me the most was the first few minutes: Kurama’s horrid act just gutted my heart in two. Don’t you hate a moment that is so good, yet sticks a knife in your heart?. That’s how I felt in that moment.

And the surprises kept coming. It was a huge risk flying it solo without backup against all those mechas, lying in wait. As always, it was a piece of cake for Sousuke and another entertaining battle display. The surprise kicker for me was at the episodes beginning but to end it, Full Metal Panic taking another stab at my heart, Sousuke admitting to Kurama that his driving reason for finding Kaname was love. This was a huge moment for Sousuke, it was so hard to contain my excitement. God damn, Full Metal Panic leaving all the good, romance stuff for this season. AHH this was episode was FANTASTIC, I LOVED IT!!!!

You Always Do Crazy Things When Your In Love

I have no idea how things will go from here in Full Metal Panic. It’s stirring on the right path and to an amazing conclusion. One thing’s clear though, Sousuke is love struck for Kaname. But tell me in the comments below: Did this episode have you gawking? Was Sousuke’s love confession adorable?

If we get a better episode than this next week, I’ll have to lock away my heart. Full Metal Panic keeps tugging away at! Till then!!!

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Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory

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