Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory Episode 7 Review: Giant Killing

We are finally back on our the major plot objective to get Kaname back! No more slow-paced episodes, please. This week’s episode got us back where I wanted us to be and it was thrilling, entertaining, and full of deep tension.

Japanese Original Title: 巨大な殺し


The second action-packed half has finally begun. Episodes 5 and 6 took us a while to get there. Sousuke fights in Amalgam illegal AS battles in his old model AS against a model whom he’s familiar with: Mithril’s M9. Aiding Sousuke in his plan, Nami and her team put themselves in jeopardy as well. Meanwhile, Sousuke has his suspicions regarding Nami, which leave him slightly worried. Mr. Lemon reveals he is no photographer by any means.

Sousuke is going to do whatever it takes to find what was taken from him: Kaname.

Episode Highlights

Strategic Sousuke: AS Savage model wiped the floor over Mithril M9, maybe because behind it was a smart, strategic pilot. I love seeing the way Sousuke operates and remembering the weakness of the M9 Model was a golden moment. Sousuke is always exciting to watch in any battle.

Kurama Comment: It was funny to me that Kurama comments how the people out in the country have it so easy and tos ee the police chief’s clueless face.

Mr. Cool Lemon: Still keen to find out more about Lemon. He was very cool when he came to Nami and her team’s rescue.

Like Kaname: Nami is like Kaname in some ways. The moment Sousuke is about to go fight, she said she doesn’t care about him, then blushed and told him to come back in one piece. Both her and Kaname are softies but underneath they have fiery tempers.

Suspenseful Ending Arghh! The way the episode ended… Full Metal Panic knows how to leave you hanging! No…..Nami!

Themes and Trivia

M9 Gernsback: This model is an upgraded version of the previous M6 model. Mithril M9 is highly equipped and has fast motion movements.

ECS – Electronic Conceal System is used on arms slaves, helicopters, etc. Coming from black technology, it allows for camouflage concealment. Basically, you’re invisible to the enemy. It is a very high-level piece of military technology and it is so advanced, it’s been turned into a force field, known as ECS field.   


After the last two episodes, I finally felt getting revved up again with Episode 7. I have to say, I do feel Episodes 5 and 6 have been setting the setup of the stage for Sousuke to get Kaname back, but I think that one episode would have been enough. It does make me a little worried of how they’re going to end it all in only a few episodes’ time. There is still a lot to cover like: Where have the other Mithril members gone? How are the disbanded Mithril going to overthrow Leonard and Amalgam?

I’m currently stuck on the fence about how things will turn out from here but the flow of Full Metal Panic right now is still good and I am enjoying it so much regardless. I mean, look at that kick-ass mech battle between an older arm slave and Mithril’s M9. Knowledge and strategy are Sousuke’s biggest strengths and he proved that.

Something I noticed in this episode was Sousuke’s suspicion that Nami could be a whispered but what had me really pining is that episode ending… ugh.. No more cliffhangers like that. Can’t stand it when it comes to this series.

Country Bumpkins Know Nothing

This week’s episode got me fired up again. Sousuke gave Kurama a run for his money, but that ending argh!! Tell me in the comments below: What did you think of this exciting episode? Are you enjoying the direction Full Metal Panic is taking? Till next week!

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