Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory Episode 4 Review: On My Own

Finally, the focus this week shifted on Kaname and Sousuke’s dilemma saving Kyoko and their classmates. The action and plot just amped up, and damn it, was so good. Full Metal Panic is on a strong streak still. I had the shakes at the end though.

Japanese Original Title: 私自身で


Kaname and Sousuke suss out a plan to save Kyoko and their classmates. Sousuke is so valant in his efforts to divert the enemy’s attention. It was a killer strategy the one Sousuke planned but not everything goes to plan right? Leonard’s right-hand man pulls out all the stops for Sousuke and Kaname. Back on Merida island, Mithril base is falling and seems will be time to abandon ship. Amalgam are just ruthless.

Episode Highlights

Don’t Go Kaname: There were too many highlights this episode.. Good god. I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO COME TO THIS. How the whole scene was handled in Kaname giving herself up and the look on Sousuke face. It hurt to watch, my heart was literally felt like it was being ripped apart from my chest. Can you believe Kaname said ‘I’ll even love you’ to Leonard? No.. Big fat no no Kaname. Kick his ass when you get Kaname back, Sousuke. I need to see this in the next few episodes.

Lie To Your Enemy: Absolutely hilarious the scene of negotiating with the enemy. Sousuke rejects their demands and Sousuke will hand over Kaname. Her reaction was hysterical and I’m thinking I really missed moments like this. Sousuke always has a plan.

Smart Cookie: Kaname bringing her input to the strategy, ‘Oh I can rewrite Arbalest’s system to do this.’ She’s one of the whispered, the knowledge is there in her subconscious. It was just weird seeing her reconfiguring Arbalest.

I’ll Get You Back: The scene Sousuke telling all of his classmates he’s part of the armed forces, bowing his head in apology. aw my god poor guy. I can only imagine how he must have been feeling. Sousuke will get our star girl back, it was a define proclamation Sousuke made. The way he said it and look on his distraught face… oh my god.

Leonards AS: I’m curious of Leonard’s AS different abilities. Have to admit that it was a cool mecha he was piloting. Leonard gets no credit for his piloting skills, because he’s…well, a jerk.

Sousuke’s Crazy Conrades: Sousuke’s conrades are about as crazy as him. Launching a frontal attack on the Behemoth in their submarine. Crazy man.

Themes and Trivia

Telepathy: The considered Whispered don’t only have military intel in their subconscious. The fellow whispered are able to communicate with one another, through telepathy.

Arm Slaves: Arm a.k.a Armored Mobile Master Slave System, is a huge mecha only used in the Military. Organizations like Mithril and Amalgam have the most advanced machines incorporated with black technology, like Arbalest.


Full Metal Panic keeps amping it up every episode. Can I wish this to never end? I’m sure you guys feel the same. It killed me again, my heart, feels. KANAME BEING TAKEN AWAY!! You can see it coming from the moment Kyoko gets injured.

It was horrid to see the look on Sousuke’s face when jerk Leonard was taking her away. His heart-warming proclamation to get her back. OH MY GOD!! It was so sweet. From the past episodes witnessing these surprising moments Sousuke and Kaname had, it’s made it feel truly real now, how they feel for each other. It makes me happy!

This was probably the most impactful, suspenseful episode yet. Two of my favourite tracks from OST were included, which had me squealing. It amplified the atmosphere even more.

Again I am just dying for the next episode…Poor Kaname… Sousuke, get her back.

Oh, by the way, the english simulcast dub will be starting up on 6 May. I’m so excited to hear Luci Christian and Chris Patton as Sousuke and Kaname. Once I hear their voices, I’ll die of happiness.

Risk Takers Mithril

A suspenseful episode this week that had me on the edge of my seat. O,h my goodness. Tell me down in the comments. Is Full Metal Panic continuing to wow you?  Things are going to get even more intense, I’ve got that feeling. See you guys next week!

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Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory

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