Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory Episode 10 Review: Onward, Onward

From the intensity of last week, it feels like this week’s episode of Full Metal Panic decided to take a slight breather, refocus, and prepare. It focused equally between the two opposing factions, and it’s building to a grinding conclusion. Well, who knows at this point… I have no clue how it’s all going to end!

Japanese Original Title: 前方、前方


The conclusion is coming. Sousuke not fully healed from his last battle but evades Amalgam. Through an old friend, Sousuke takes refugee to recuperate before taking on Amalgam again. Kaname struggles to find hope in what seems a hopeless situation. After overhearing Sousuke’s desperate search for her, it gives Kaname reason to hang on. Tessa and her crew are readying themselves for a an all-out confrontation.

Episode Highlights

Inventive Sousuke: Even bedridden, Sousuke always finds a way round things. It’s always a gamble most of the time, strategy-wise. Sousuke’s expression full of concern was funny. It made me laugh as the risk in him taking would pay off or not, though I knew it would work out.

All About Guts: Sousuke’s old lieutenant, John Courtney, highlighted a truth in the funniest way, relating to where your back is against the wall, where you are in a most hopeless situation. In Sousuke’s case, it means being surrounded by the enemy and being at your limit. The harsh training a soldier undertakes is not easy. John’s enthusiastic addition of swearing highlights the point. Being pushed beyond hard is the best preparation for any given situation.

Optimistic Mithril: Their latest scheme to get close to Amalgam was a failure. Tessa’s optimistic attitude when addressing her fellow comrades was an inspiring moment as this is a team that has never given in no matter how grim situation. Tessa gave the option for anyone wishing to leave, but they all stayed. I love how they all share the same determination.

Kalinin Enemy Side !?!: Out of anyone to send, to obtain new, improved Arbalest mech,  Sousuke’s former sergeant, Kalini was the last to expect. Kalinin was pure ruthless shooting his former Mithril ally without blinking. Let me be wrong that he’s joined the opposition for good. I’ll be praying this is not so.


The calm before the storm, as they say. This is what I felt this week’s episode was. Slightly disappointed that at this point Sousuke isn’t bombarding Amalgam headquarters in his new and improved Arbalest. That would have been awesome. Alas no as we only have two episodes to go. TWO EPISODES PEOPLE !!. I don’t know about you, but I am getting worried over here about how all of this is going to end because there so much to fit in.

What is there to fit in?

– Sousuke reuniting with Kaname, this sequence needs to be handled with care (Damn well better have!!)
– Tessa and Leonard settle their sibling fude
– Sousuke and Arablest to kick ass, this should not be rushed
– The destruction of Amalgam itself
– Is Kalinin on the enemies’ side?
– Unveiling Amalgam hidden agendas regarding the whispered

That is a lot right..

This episode could have been put to better use, instead of all this prancing about. Taking several episodes of getting close to Amalgam felt like it was time wasted. This is my frustrated self talking here, because I love this show too damn much, haha. God help for this conclusion, or if they don’t conclude the series, they better do another season.

Have The Guts Or You Don’t

Important information to tell you guys regarding Full Metal Panic final episodes 11 and 12. On the official website it says that we’re getting a special two-episode special on 20 July. Make us fans wait for even more as those recap episodes weren’t frustrating enough.

I don’t know how Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory is going to wrap itself up. I’m worried and excited at the same time. Comment down below how your feeling in how Full Metal Panic will conclude itself?

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See you guys in a couple of weeks!! Hang in there !!

Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory

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