Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory Episode 1 Review: Zero Hour

Finally….. after thirteen years, IT’S BACK!!. I feel so happy to be able to review the next installment of Full Metal Panic each week! It’s straight into the swing of things as no time is wasted. Things pick up right from where Full Metal Panic Second Raid left off. The first episode was more than I could ask for this series’ grand return.

Japanese Title: ゼロアワー


I had no idea what this fourth season was about until the first few minutes kicked in. Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory picks up right where the last season was left off. I was like YES!!, we’re going to get a conclusion. We see Sousuke’s commander and Captain Testarossa’s brother, Leonard (and also the head of the enemy group, Amalgam) make it clear what he’s after: to destroy Mithril and capture Kaname. The first episode sets up perfectly where everything would lead to. This season is going to be exactly like the first. A mix of serious and comedic moments, a combination which Full Metal Panic handles effortlessly.

Episode Highlights

Pretty Enemy: Tessa’s brother, Leonard… why does he have to be so pretty? A pretty main enemy, I love him though.

Fiery Kaname: OH….MANNN SHE TOLD LEONARD TO SHOVE IT UP HIS ARSE. No way she will let his ideal threats scare her. I love it when she gets angry. It’s a hilarious thing to see.

Holding Hands: OH MY GOD. I WAS LITERALLY SCREAMING AT THE SCREEN when out of nowhere, Sousuke sees a couple holding hands and ask Kaname to hold his hand. I’ve shipped these two for so many years and this is the first time to get a development like this. IT WAS SO ADORABLE. Sousuke, poor thing, don’t think had a clue in what he was doing. Kaname was just as awkward. THE CUTENESS CONTINUED when they walked to the apartment still holding hands even when Kaname was trying to get her keys out.

MY FANGIRL HEART DIED IN THAT MOMENT. Up until now, there had been no scenes like this. WE GOT IT FINALLY!!, My babies.

Stellar Animation: First few minutes into the episode, the animation just caught me by surprise. Top notch animation work from Xebec, from the mechas to the background. Everything looks beautifully detailed.

Themes and Trivia

The Whispered: The reason Sousuke guards Kaname against enemies who want her is that certain individuals possess a thing called black technology. Many are unaware they have this condition. Black technology is classified military intel, the name of certain weapons, specs. Kaname is a constant target because she possesses all this treasure military information. So others can use it for their own personal gains.

Mithril: A private anti terrorization organization whom Sousuke has been with his whole life. They intervene in terrorist situations and are a behind-the-scenes group.

Amalgam: Leonard, Tessa’s brother, is the main leader of Amalgam. Their main goal is to destroy Mithril and capture Kaname. Amalgam already possesses some black technology but wishes to gather all the whispered. They adapt their military forces for personal gain, even if that means Leonard going against his own sister.


That first episode was more than anything I could ask for and just makes me want to rewatch all the seasons again. To see Kaname, Sousuke, and the rest of the characters again made my heart sing. I loved that we got a whole 24-minute episode, start to finish. Nothing but good action, this was a great way to bring Full Metal Panic back. This episode also renewed my hopes for some romance development between Kaname and Sousuke.  That holding hand sequence just caught me off guard….MY GOD!!. It’s the cutest scene from them two like EVER!!. I loved how awkward one another were, as they had no clue why they were holding hands. If the series keeps giving me scenes like this, my heart might not be able to take it. Great setup towards the end of the episode as well with Kaname and Sousuke surrounded. The scene makes me look forward to next week’s episode, I’m drooling for it. I know Sousuke is going to kick butt as soon as the episode starts…

Argh so hard to put my excitement into words…

Full Metal Crazy Is Back

Fantastic. A great episode to mark the return of Full Metal Panic. I’m stoked for where this series will lead to. I have a feeling it will be the last we’ll get. Just a feeling. Tell us in the comments what you thought of Episode 1. Especially if you’re a die hard fan of this series. See you next week!!!! I am so excited!!!

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Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory

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