Food Wars! The Third Plate Episode 8: The Alchemist

After a long period of unnecessary drama and random nonsense,  Food Wars is finally back with some cooking, food, and, naturally, nudity.

Japanese Original Episode Title:錬金術師[アルキミスタ]


As Eizan’s lackeys are headed towards the Polar Star dormitory to evict and demolish it, Yukihira is getting ready to start a shoukugeki against him. Before they even start, I think we all know that somehow, the judges are going to be convinced to try Yukihira’s food, they will be thoroughly impressed, and then give the Polas Star Dormitory a free pass. But let’s see what else happened in this episode and was less predictable.

Yukihira decides to go for gyoza with a twist: instead of dough, he decides to envelop the filling in chicken wings… and this already sounds like an Epic Meal Time episode rather than an informed cooking show. Either way, Yukihira has to cook under the pressure of Eizan being a douche and constantly repeating how Polar Star dormitory is currently being taken down, but Yukihira being Yukihira, is completely unaffected by the stress that is laid upon him, and with the regular blank face on, keeps cooking his mutant pork-chicken-filled chicken wings… or something. By taunting Eizan, he manages to convince him to actually make an effort and show off his cooking skills. Rindo and the judges discuss how Eizan’s nickname is ‘The Alchemist’ because he basically turns everything he touches into gold, whether it’s business or cooking. He has actually managed to become infamous for his business endeavours, but had he not been so absorbed in making money, he would have been an even greater cook.

In the meantime, the Polar Star dormitory residents (except for Erina who does nothing of essence as usual) are standing their ground by physically fighting against the invaders, as any normal human being would do, instead of trying to force-feed people and change their mind with delicious cooking. According to the old lady that keeps the house together, all the casual ‘war’ supplies she dug up were from a time when the Polar Star dormitory was being constantly raided for being so popular… okay.

Long story short, Yukihira taunts Eizan into eating his cooking (because people like Eizan are that easy to convince when it comes to important decisions) and then the judges tag along, giving Yukihira a clean win, despite having been bought off by Eizan. I hope you were not expecting this episode to make sense.

Episode Highlights

Barking up the wrong tree: If Eizan’s strategy was stressing Yukihira into losing his focus, I guess his wits are not as great as everyone claims them to be, since Yukihira is oblivious to the meaning of the word stress.

Commoner food: Even though I’d love to vouch for home cooking for the masses, I have to admit that what Yukihira came up with to win this shoukugeki looks like a culinary abomination to me.

Polar Star dormitory tactics: I wish more characters in shounen anime reacted like the kids at Polar Star. If someone messes with you, mess with them as well.

We got the recipe: In case you wanna be making these weird gyozas at home, Yukihira has disclosed all his ingredients. And so did Eizan! Good luck with everything…

Themes & Trivia

Singapore chicken rice: Hainanese chicken rice is a dish adapted from early Chinese and is considered one of the national dishes of Singapore, probably the most well-known one.

Gyoza: or Jiaozi, in Chinese, is a kind of Chinese dumpling, commonly eaten in China and other parts of East Asia. If you have not tried it, you really should.

Better but not great

Nice to finally see some actual cooking back in the show, but apart from the pretty overworked recipe and the mediocre judge reactions, I guess the show still has a long way to go to regain its former glory.

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NEXT TIME: Hunting the Survivors (残党狩り)

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