Food Wars! The Third Plate Episode 1 Review: Challenging the Elite Ten

OH MY LORD, Food Wars Season 3 is finally out. The most anticipated Fall 2017 anime is here and Soma-kun is finally going for it: he’s challenging the elite ten.

Japanese Original Episode Title: 十傑に挑む


Alright, so Yukihira has a bike now, yes, and he’s spacing out when he drives. Not good. Tadakoro-chan slaps some sense into him, and they’re discussing meeting the elite ten, who are obviously a bunch of abnormal weirdos who happen to be really good at cooking. Yukihira wants to challenge the 8th one, Kuga Terunori, who accepts to battle him if he shows some serious cooking skill. Kuga, specializing in Chinese cooking, has an army of bald black eyed men who cook like robots and produce consistent amounts of delicious, deadly-spicy Chinese mapo-tofu. Yukihira spends the rest of the episode trying to come up with a way to destroy Kuga’s booth at the upcoming school festival, and picks the space right across his, only to find out that if he doesn’t turn in a profit from his booth, he will, of course, be expelled. Classic Yukihira.  

Episode Highlights

Souma looks different: Didn’t really notice many major differences on the other character’s designs, but it seems that either the show’s illustrators have changed, or they have decided to go for a more mature, sophisticated look for Souma-kun. His eyes and face look slimmer, and his neck longer. Naturally, he still gets an abundance of goofy moments.

…Sports: Wow, they actually do sports in Totsuki? I guess it makes sense, what with all the food they get to consume, they should look out for their arteries clogging and stuff.

RICEBORGS: Just like cyborgs, but not really cyborgs, and set to limited functions such as flipping rice in a pan, not having hair or a soul, for that matter.

Speaking of hair: What is it with all these chefs having loose hair, especially in their face? Apart from the fact that I would have gotten all of them expelled for risking dropping stray hair in the food, doesn’t it bother their eyesight and constantly make them wanna sneeze?

Number one guy: The top of the elite ten is literally me when being stressed. I got triggered.

Themes & Trivia

Elite ten weirdoes: Did anyone in this universe expect the elite ten to be regular kids who were just really, really good chefs? Of course not. They’re all oddballs in one way or another, something more than common in anime. They immediately made me think of the Kakegurui student council (especially when that plushie-holding girl turned up – can’t we just skip the lolis for once?)

Moon Festival: Just like a regular Japanese high school festival, but instead of getting the full culture package, you just get food. Really good food.  

Chinese proverb: Even though when checking with my Chinese friends they said they hadn’t heard of this before, the internet says it’s legit. But maybe not too legit, so don’t use it. Or use it. I don’t care.

However: These areas in China are indeed well known for their spicy food. As usual, the writers got their facts straight, so kudos to these guys for doing actual research on their subject. YAY!

Mapo doufu: A traditional Sichuan dish, consisting of tofu tossed in chilli sauce, fermented black beans and minced meat. What Kuga served looked like a slightly Japanned version of it.  

Killed, or worse, expelled

Is there really anything in the Totsuki Academy that will not get you expelled? Having the wrong shampoo, losing a cooking match, failing a single test, but of course, cool unhygienic hairstyles are totally okay. Also, we didn’t get to see much food in this episode! WE NEED MORE OF THIS!

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