Food Wars! The Second Plate (Season 2) Series Review

The Touchiki Academy Fall Elections candidates come together to compete for a position in the school’s top ten. Get ready for more shokugekis, more drama, and of course… more food in Food Wars! The Second Plate!


In continuation to the first season of Food Wars, the selected few who had the privilege to participate in the Autumn Elections face each other and fight to progress. As his fellow students are being eliminated one by one, Yukihira gives his all to overcome the skill and ingenuity of his opponents and become the champion. While doing so, he experiments with new techniques and comes to the conclusion that he needs to shed away his old self and immerse his new one into his craft, breaking his limits and becoming the best chef he can.

Plot & Story

The story’s structure mostly revolves around the Autumn Elections tournament. In each episode, the previously introduced characters are repeatedly set to face each other with a specific theme in mind, which may be very interesting, as everyone keeps coming up with new inventive recipes, but inevitably becomes repetitive, especially when compared to the first season. Still, you will definitely find yourself rooting for your favorite (Akira Hayama was mine, yay), and trying to guess who will be the next person to get kicked out.

The pacing is a little bit problematic (even though that could just be me binge-watching the whole show) and sometimes I felt that things were either happening too quickly or that there was not enough build-up to crucial moments in the show. Still, storyline-wise, I found the result of the final round more that appropriate in order to structure the following episodes and allow for the character’s further development. The ‘Shino’s Japan’ sequence was a great addition to developing the story, and Yukihira’s character as well, by exposing him to a very new environment, giving him new challenges, and providing the right footing for him to grow.

Art & Music

The show maintains its beautiful (and I’m guessing expensive) quality of sound and illustration. Everything looks well-polished and carefully made. The food illustrations are, of course, amazing, but my personal favorite this season was the imagery used to describe Hayama’s aromas and spices, that golden glow floating around every time he was cooking.

However, compared to the first season’s soundtrack, I found the opening and closing themes to be a little bit generic and lacking character, but at least the original scores were kept during the show’s climaxes.

Themes & Trivia

Keeping up with the show’s tradition, there are numerous references to sophisticated internal cuisine terms, as well as great food knowledge involved. The fish market episode made me realize how little I know about buying seasonal fish (I was embarrassed, really) and the olive oil-based lemon curd was a little moment of genius on the writer’s side. However, staying true to its character’s colors, we still got to see Yukihira making up things from affordable means, like his molecular nori spheres conceived by cheap Japanese candy. The history of chefs immigrating to France in the final episode was also pretty cool, even though I am not certain how well it stands historically.


Overall, a great continuation to the Food Wars Season 1! The show delivered exactly what it promised. It mixed up some some good plot twists, and a little extra, thanks to the Stagiaire session on the very end. If you have already watched the first season, you better not miss that one!

Umami still means umami, okay?


  • Great food knowledge, as usual
  • Very tense and competitive
  • Rational outcome of the Autumn Elections
  • Alice’s mom


  • More repetitive than the previous season
  • Some rough pacing here and there
  • That copycat character, what a waste of life

Nicely done, Yukihira Soma! Definitely looking forward to seeing how he will manage to develop further and become the very best in the academy.

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