Food Wars Episode 13 Review: Advancement Exam

Food Wars’ third season is back with another cour, continuing the story where it left off in December 2017. Let’s have a look at what’s going on.

Japanese Original Episode Title: 進級試験


After Yukihira revealed to both Erina and Azami his father’s identity, both seem to be looking at him under a different light. Specifically, Erina, after the announcement of the advancement exam that basically constituted everyone not willing to follow the new Totsuki teaching methods as a target to be kicked out of the academy, decides to show up, IN HER PYJAMAS, in Yukihira’s bedroom. She initially pulls off one of her typical passive aggressive (mostly aggressive) stunts, then finally gathers up the courage to open her heart to Yukihira.

Erina speaks of Joichiro and how she met him; how his unorthodox light-hearted cooking made her feel happy and willing to cook again. Yukihira -who is not really listening- uses her moment of weakness to make her acknowledge his cooking one and for all, and get even for that one time she said his cooking sucked. He makes an Egg Tempura Rice Bowl (looks delicious) and Erina eats the whole thing, having a revelation about herself, cooking, and food in general.

The next morning, she gathers everyone in the Polar Star Dormitory courtyard and gives them a pep talk, announcing that she is determined to stand beside them as the God Tongue, and help them stay in the Academy.

Episode Highlights

Unexpected nudity: Did anyone else notice Akira and Yukihira having a naked shokugeki while screaming during the new opening? I sure as hell did. Damn this show is extra. Also, what is the deal with all the train imagery? Is it just meant to be super phallic or…?

The bad pacing goes on: Not that I expected it to magically stop but the speed at which things happened in the episode was still quite inconsistent. Those Erina flashbacks lasted forever (and I have to say they are my least favorite flashbacks of all time, sorry).

Mini recap: When the Polar Star Dormitory members were moaning about having to be kicked out of the academy, the writers used this opportunity to remind us of everything that has happened in the show so far. I have to say that I am very thankful for that, as I remembered next to nothing. The fact that the structure of most episodes is extremely similar doesn’t help either. It is, however, exciting to see how much the animation quality has improved.

Erina’s twins: are out of control, as usual. She is said to be the god tongue, but I feel like her character is often reduced to her ridiculously autonomous tits.

Themes & Trivia

Good cooking knowledge, as usual: I was so impressed with the frozen eggs dish. It is a trick used by top chefs around the world to achieve firm yet soft-boiled yolk eggs, including Michelin star chef Heston Blumenthal. On top of that, the whole conversation about eggs is very accurate; it is a well known anecdotal story, how major culinary masterminds examine apprentices by asking them how to cook eggs – one of the most complex things to cook perfectly. I personally like them fried poele-style.

Tempura: Did you know, tempura is actually a classic Portuguese dish brought to and popularized by Japan, consisting of seafood or vegetables that have been battered and deep-fried. Egg tempura is pretty genius, I have to say.

It’s on

I am kind of looking forward to seeing Erina finally standing up to her dad rather than getting that blank stare every time she’s around him. But I’m mostly looking forward to more food.

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