Follow Kakashi Into Battle With a Shinobi World War Figure!

Preorders have opened for a figure of Hatake Kakashi of the Naruto franchise inspired by his appearance during the unforgettable Shinobi World War!

This figure is a part of Megahouse’s G.E.M. series, which is well known for recreating the style of each series in immaculate detail.

Serving as the Third Division Commander, Kakashi was tasked with a significant role in the battle. In contrast with his many comic moments, the deadly seriousness with which he carried out his duty shows in his expression.

From his battle-ready pose to the worn blade, Naruto will be able to appreciate every detail of this dramatic figure.

Preorders are available at Tokyo Otaku Mode ahead of a Nov. 2018 release.

Product Details
Name: G.E.M. Series Naruto Kakashi Hatake Shinobi World War Ver.
Series: Naruto Shippuden
Product Line: G.E.M.
Manufacturer: MegaHouse
Sculptor: Norio Kibayashi
Specifications: Painted, non-articulated, non-scale PVC & ABS figure
Height (approx.): 150 mm | 17.7″
Also Includes:
・Optional face part

©岸本斉史 スコット/集英社・テレビ東京・ぴえろ

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