F/GO Mysterious Heroine X (Alter) Now Up For Preorders!

Preorders for a figure of Fate/Grand Order‘s Mysterious Heroine X (Alter) are now open!

Produced by Sentinel, this 1/7 scale figure of the modern day Berserker-class Servant reaches a height of 220 mm.

The first thing fans will notice about Mysterious Heroine X (Alter) is that her appearance is very much like her base card in Fate/Grand Order.

Not quite the typical Berserker, she has the appearance of a stylish teenage student with her school uniform, duffle coat, glasses, and plaid scarf (which happens to be removable). You can tell just by looking at her that she enjoys snacking and lazing about!

However, her amber eyes have something in them that shows she means business. She also has her not-so-legitimate mail order sword “Wicked Holy Sword Necrocalibur” grasped in one hand, ready to swing.

This figure can be preordered at Tokyo Otaku Mode with an expected release date of Sep. 2018.

Product Details
Name: Fate/Grand Order Berserker/Mysterious Heroine X [Alter] 1/7 Scale Figure
Manufacturer: Sentinel
Sculptor: carp-fan, kasiu (hobbymax)
Specifications: Painted, non-articulated, PVC & ABS figure with removable scarf and stand
Height (approx.): 220 mm

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