Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel Week 6-8 Bonuses Revealed

A stage event celebrating the success of Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel – I.presage flower was held on Nov. 11! During the event, bonuses being distributed at theaters from Nov. 18 through Dec. 8 were also revealed, including 35mm film frames and a special commentary book.

The Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel film series is a trilogy following the 3rd route of the original visual novel Fate/stay night, the Sakura route or Heaven’s Feel route. This story follows protagonist Emiya and Sakura Matou during the Holy Grail War.

The film’s 6th week in theaters begins on Nov. 18, and as a special present, moviegoers will receive 35mm film frames from the first half of the film (roughly between the beginning of the film and an hour in), and possible scenes include Shiro meeting Sakura or the battles between Saber and Berserker, and Saber and Rider!

Following that in week 7 is a special commentary book featuring comments from Nasu Kinoko, Sudou Tomonori, and Kondo Hikaru!

Last but not least are more 35mm film frames for Week 8, but these ones will be from the latter half of the film from around one hour in until the climax.

Attendee Bonus Details
Week 6: 35mm Film Frames (from first half)
     Distribution Period: Nov. 18, 2017 (Sat.) ~ Nov. 24, 2017 (Fri.)
Week 7: Special Commentary Book
      (Original Work: Nasu Kinoko x Director: Sudou Tomonori x Work Producer: Kondo Hikaru)
     Distribution Period: Nov. 25, 2017 (Sat.) ~ Dec. 1, 2017 (Fri.)
Week 8: 35mm Film Frames (from second half)
     Distribution Period: Dec. 2, 2017 (Sat.) ~ Dec. 8, 2017 (Fri.)

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