[:en]'Eromanga Sensei' Returns in 2018 With a Special New OVA


Eromanga Sensei is returning in 2018 with a brand new OVA. The project was announced at the “Eromanga Fes” live event. No other details, such as if it’s an original story or a chapter adaptation, were announced.

Eromanga Sensei was created by writer Tsukasa Fushimi and artist Hiro Kanzaki, the same duo behind Oreimo: My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute.

The “sibling rom-com” follows the light novel careers of Masamune Izumi and his step-sister Sagiri Izumi. Masamune has spent most of his career working with a perverted artist called Eromanga Sensei but has never met them in person. One day, he accidentally discovers that his hikikomori step-sister is Eromanga Sensei, which complicates their strained relationship.

Eromanga Sensei

A 12-episode adaptation produced by A-1 Pictures aired during the Spring 2017 season, which has been one of the highest selling series this year.

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