Dropkick on My Devil! Anime Coming Soon

An anime adaptation of Yukiwo’s Dropkick on My Devil! has been confirmed to come next Summer. The creators of the anime adaptation released a website with the visual for the anime, which promises a colorful art style that is sure to make its way into our watch lists. 

The story follows that of a young woman named Hanazono Yurine, a student attending college who decides to summon demon from the underworld. Summoning the demon, Jashin-Chan, the two end up having to live in a pretty horrible looking apartment, much to Jashin-Chan’s anger. Unsatisfied with her situation, Jashin-Chan realizes that the only way for her to be able to return to the underworld is for Yurine to die as it will dispel the summoning. The plot then become a cycle of demon trying to kill human, though it never quite works out, making it a very entertaining comedy. 

Updates will come as they are announced, so stay tuned for more!

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