Dine in Hysterics at a Pop Epic Team Collab Cafe!

Pop Epic Team, the hilarious comedy by Okawa Bkub, is visiting six Sweets Paradise locations in Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagoya and Fukuoka!

Normally, visitors to Sweets Paradise have the chance to indulge in all-you-can-eat dessert, plus a selection of savory treats. For this collab, however, the menu is loaded with special choices like the Popte Manma, Takeshobou Waffle, Hegemony Parfait and much more. Fans can also relive a number of familiar and hilarious scenes with the edible comic panels on most of the dishes.

An an incentive to join in the Pop Team Epic fun, Sweets Paradise is throwing in an original postcard as a present for those who order anything off the collab menu. There’ll also be a charming variety of original goods to take home, from acrylic keychains to tin badges and clear files!

The unique menu and quirky store interiors (which are decorated with large graphics, comic panels, and all the Popuko and Pipimi you could want) can be found at the locations below.

Sweets Paradise SoLaDo Harajuku
Duration: Feb. 2 – Mar. 15

Sweets Paradise Tennouji
Duration: Feb. 2 – Feb. 27

Sweets Paradise Machida MODI
Duration: Feb. 2 – Mar. 15

Sweets Paradise Hiroshima Parco
Duration: Feb. 2 – Feb. 25

Sweets Paradise Nagoya Parco
Duration: Mar. 9 – Apr. 8

Sweets Paradise Fukuoka Parco
Duration: Mar. 3 – Mar. 31

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