Digimon Universe: Applimonsters New Key Visual Revealed

Digimon Universe: Applimonsters

  • Genre:Fantasy, Adventure, Kids
  • Airing Date:October 1 2016
  • Studios:Toei Animation

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Digimon Universe: Applimonsters New Key Visual Revealed


Within smartphone applications hide little-known creatures called Applimonsters, or Appmon for short. Appmon are apps with physical form and artificial intelligence that allows them to think and act on their own. They work for humans and the system between the human world and digital space. However, the ‘vicious last boss AI’ Leviathan is trying to control the Appmon using a virus, hack every system and control the human world from the internet.

As if led by some great power, protagonist Haru Shinkai finds the ‘Appli Drive’ and using the ‘Appmon Chip,’ gives the search app monster Gatchmon physical form. But what mysteries lie hidden within the Appli Drive? And what is Leviathan’s true goal?

Characters & Voice Actors List

 Haru Shinkai Haru Shinkai

Voice Actor: Yumi Uchiyama

13 years old and a first-year middle school student. Has a calm and kind personality and the strength of mind to be able to judge things based on his own opinion. Loves reading and admires the protagonists of stories. His buddy Appmon is Gatchmon.

 Gatchmon Gatchmon

Voice Actor:Kokoro Kikuchi

Haru’s buddy Appmon. Has the function of a search application. He likes to act cool, but he teaches Haru a lot of information using his search function. His favourite food is Gatch Monaka (mochi wafers filled with azuki bean jam.)

 Appli Drive Appli Drive

Voice Actor: Wataru Takagi

An extremely important item that gives Appmon physical forms.

 Eri Karan Eri Karan

Voice Actor: Umeka Shouji

Fourteen years old and a second-year middle school student. A member of an idol group. Has excellent reflexes and an energetic personality. Her idol character acts tough, but she’s actually very docile and kind. She easily gets lonely and is easily moved to tears. Her buddy Appmon is Dockamon.

 Dockamon Dockamon

Voice Actor: Motoko Kumai

Eri’s buddy Appmon. Strong and kind. An action game Appmon. Really loves Eri. Respects Gatchmon like a big brother.

 Torajirou Asuka Torajirou Asuka

Voice Actor: Shiho Kokido

Eleven years old and a fifth-year student in elementary school. Free spirited and easygoing, makes all decisions on a whim. A popular AppTuber who streams his own videos on AppTube under the nickname Astora. His family are leading educators of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Although he was raised in a strict household, he treasures feelings and is in pursuit of freedom. His buddy Appmon is Musimon.

 Musimon Musimon

Voice Actor: Nao Tamura

Torajirou’s buddy Appmon. Has the function of a music application. Like Tor


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