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Digimon Adventure Tri Decision Review (Anime)

Following on from the first Digimon Adventure Tri movie, Saikai, Decision follows the Digi-Destined as they’re forced to fight once more. This installment focuses primarily on Joe and Mimi as they come to terms with their destinies, and as they learn to accept their own flaws.


Infected Digimon are still appearing and the public are becoming increasingly scared of the digital monsters, regardless of their intent. When Ogremon suddenly appears in the real world and begins wreaking havoc, the heroic Leomon pulls him back to the digital world. All of the Digi-Destined prepare for the worst bar Joe, who’s focusing on his studies and his journey into adulthood. Poor Gomamon is left unattended to because of this, and becomes restless as he’s unable to properly help his friends to fight these growing threats.


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A fantastic, fitting sequel to Digimon Adventure.

Joe isn’t the only one struggling though, as Mimi has her own troubles. It’s pointed out that Mimi is a narcissist who doesn’t take into account the feelings of others, and she finds herself in the opposite of Joe’s position — she’s a little too eager for battle. Watching these two come to terms with traits that they’ve had since the very beginning is satisfying, and it shows that Digimon Adventure Tri is a fantastic, fitting sequel to Digimon Adventure. It’s stronger than the already brilliant first movie. Much of this movie takes place at a sauna too, and the Digimon humourously cause a lot of trouble for their human partners.


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The first movie sets up what Tri is all about, and so Decision is able to delve into more exciting things. There’s more action this time around and it’s lovely to see the cast together for most of the movie. I have to say, I really dig the Tsuritama-like character designs. There’s a surprising lack of fan-service in the sauna scenes, which I’m thankful for, but Rosemon’s breasts seem to change size and animate oddly — I found this to be pretty funny, more than anything!


There’s some real emotion in a handful of scenes which is expertly handled, especially where Joe is concerned — his parents put a lot of pressure on him – as does he – and it shows. The voice-acting is superb with emotive and natural-sounding performances, and it’s always a pleasure hearing a fresh rendition of Butter-Fly used as the movie’s opening theme.


decision review


The first movie sets up what Tri is all about, and so Decision is able to delve into more exciting things.

Decision is an improvement over Saikai, and the cliffhanger leaves me wanting more. The movie breezed by at a little under 90 minutes and if you’re a Digimon fan who’s yet to try Tri, then I’d recommend picking up the first two movies as soon as possible — Christmas is coming up too, and they’d make wonderful gifts! There’re six movies in title but if they’re anywhere near as good as these first two have been, then I have nothing to worry about. It’s tricky bringing back such a beloved series and cast – especially when they’ve grown up so much – but Toei Animation have nailed it.

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