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Ren and Marie do make a cute couple (they even have identical marks – ok, bad joke) but Episode 5 of Dies Irae was more about Ren’s (and Shirou’s) women than it was about the blonde-haired soul of the cursed guillotine. I’m still not sure if the guillotine already had a spirit inside that possessed Marie or the other way around, but at least we know her backstory.

Japanese Title: 再会


We now know that Marie’s full name is Marguerite Brueil and that she was born in 18th century France. I guess that her Japanese language skills come with being the ghost of a cursed guillotine. She was born at the same time that her father (prompted by her mother) took the place of a runaway executioner and passed the sentence to a priest. If I understood the story correctly, Marie was born with the neck scar because her father took the life of a holy man and the spirit of the blood-thirsty guillotine entered the newborn baby. Probably. There is no other explanation for her fixation with the guillotine song (I don’t think she ever said anything else) and her supernatural power to unwillingly chop off the head of everyone who touched her (except her parents, I guess.)

These murders earned her a place in the guillotine. Mercurius was in the crowd at the moment of her decapitation and instantly fell in love with her for some reason that will probably be revealed later in the series. He sees her as a goddess and there is some kind of plan going on that includes Ren and Marie.

Ren, now that he is strong enough to give form to his weapon, gave Marie the upgrade to be able to physically manifest in our world. Many have been waiting for Marie’s entry in the series, since the buxom blonde was the main face of the promotional material.

After Kasumi dresses Marie as a gothic loli (not that we object), she and Ren enter a weird club, prompted by a beautiful girl that claims to know Shirou, Ren and Kasumi’s childhood friend. It turns out that after their fight (that was probably too fierce to lead them both to the hospital) he was recruited to fight the Longinus Nazis. Why they chose a random high school student remains to be seen. Maybe he has a super-power of his own.

Episode Highlights

Poke it: This is the first anime character in an action fantasy series that actually went for the naked breasts of a female character. Good for you, Ren.

Themes & Trivia

Harem: There is an underlying harem element in the series that hasn’t still had the time to manifest itself properly. Marie joins Kasumi, Rea, and Sakurai in Ren’s harem, and her scene with Kasumi as the blonde French girl mimics her was the first decent attempt at comedy. It wasn’t successful, but at least it had a purpose and tried to give a lighter tone to the anime. Not that it needed one to begin with.


The series gives me the feeling that it tries too hard to closely resemble the game on which it is based. That makes sense on one hard since the anime was crowdfunded and the fans are the ones who have already paid for the series. I am wondering if I have to play the game to get the whole story or if the two mediums share that jumbled plot and non-sensical moments.


For all those hard words between Ren and Shirou, the estranged friends are going to fight side by side against Bey who, to be frank, was just looking for trouble from the very first moment we met him. I wonder what Sakurai is going to do, but to be honest, any sensible plot advancement would just be a pleasant surprise.

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