Devil's Line Series Review

Devil’s Line started as an awkward supernatural romance and ended as an exciting police drama. If you are in the mood for vampires, blood, romance, and mystery along with some cringe-y couple moments, then this is a series for you.  


Tsukasa, a college student in Tokyo, is attacked by a devil (vampire), a creature that exists and lives amongst humans. She is saved by Anzai, a half-devil, half-human who works in a special police force that specializes in devil-related crimes. They soon develop feelings for each other and get involved, along with the rest of the special squad, into hunting down a mysterious organization that tries to make the devils’ existence known to the public and to exterminate their species.

Plot & Story

The story is quite interesting and the romance between the couple is developed in a nice yet weird way that makes you really root for them. Obviously, there are countless romance clichés throughout the series but at least the female lead was not as worthless and vulnerable as they tend to be. Tsukasa can be retarded at some points, yes, but overall she actually plays a core role and helps develop the plot. Anzai, even though he mostly has the ‘I am a monster and I will only make you hurt’ moments, is a cute character that seeks help in order to develop himself and doesn’t just sit still and moan all the time. In other words, the characters in Devil’s Line are really well thought out; especially Lee with his great humor, amazing sense and reality checks, along with Kikuhara and his sociopath tendencies that will really grab your attention.  

Art & Music

Okay, the studio that made Devil’s Line, has to really evaluate the quality of their work, because the animation was bad. Choppy scenes, still frames that result in awkward staring scenes, wrong color pallets, bad action – fighting scenes, and overall very mediocre. There were some nice details, like the blood on the screen and the very overwhelming opening scene of the first episode, but other than that everything looked like it was done in a rush. The blood is terribly designed on the characters, especially as the episodes go by. In the final episode, it honestly looked like it was part of their clothing or something.

The voice acting and the music of the series was respectable, but unfortunately, the sound quality was not that great. Even though the cast of the anime was full of talented and well-known voice actors that gave amazing performances, like Mamoru Miyano, Takahiro Sakurai, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Miyuki Sawashiro, etc. the recording of the dialogues in many scenes sounded like they were made in a basement. Really disappointing. The opening theme song, ‘Eclipse’ by Shouta Aoi, and the ending theme song, ‘Sotto Toketeyuku Yō ni’ by Mamoru Miyano, were really good and matched the whole atmosphere of the series.

Themes & Trivia

Why are they called devils? In Devil’s Line, the vampires are referred to as ‘devils’, in Japanese: ‘oni’. An oni () in Japanese folklore is a kind of yōkai, or supernatural ogre, or trolls. They are typically portrayed as hulking figures with one or more horns growing out of their heads. If you google how the oni traditionally look like, you will see that there is a resemblance with the way vampires look in Devils Line: especially their teeth and their eyes.


I am tired of seeing anime with great potential being butchered by studios that don’t have the time or the budget to produce them. It would be better to not see the series animated than have this kind of result. It’s such a shame to see the storyline lacking because of bad animation or bad direction that makes everything look sloppy and confusing. Devil’s Line is a great example of this and I honestly can’t understand why the outcome of this series was so bad. If you have the budget to recruit and hire so many good voice actors you should have had a fair amount of money for quality animation as well. Don’t just outsource it to a Chinese studio so you can save up money! Actually, I am not even going to blame the studio, because the people that worked on this are not to blame, unlike the people who decided to produce it. If they keep undermining the animation production like this for more titles to come, I think the anime world is going to be in trouble with the fandoms.  

In darkness, it’s darker than black.


  • Interesting characters
  • Stimulating Dialogues
  • Nice humor
  • Surprisingly kinky


  • Bad animation and direction
  • Sloppy sound effects and bad quality of sound
  • Plot seemed a bit rushed at some points

I liked the series. Not the greatest love story ever but I enjoyed the romance, the character development, and the drama. I honestly believe that this series could have been on a whole different level if it was produced properly. Nevertheless, I definitely recommend this to people that enjoy a good crime story and supernatural beings. If you able to look beyond the ruthless animation then this show will surely appeal to you.

Devil’s Line

Spring 2018 | Anime Info

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