Devil's Line Episode 6 Review: Dogmatic

I honestly can’t tell anymore what the creators of Devil’s Line were thinking when they decided to produce an anime for it. Probably nothing. There is definitely brilliance in its absurdity but the presentation of the show and the pacing of the plot is such a letdown.  

Japanese Original Episode Title: ドグマティック


Anzai is furious by Tsukasa’s suggestion of giving him a daily dose of her blood and goes to confront Lee as he thinks that he is the one giving her these ‘silly’ ideas. Sniper girl is apparently alive and Zero Two is aware of that. He is also aware that his whole organization seems to be falling apart with each and every terrorist following his own path. The police finds out that there has been a witness in the accident that occurred the previous night and that the guy is no other than the kind Oryo who works in a bar nearby. The organization sends out a guy to kill him but the police along with the help of Anzai and Lee manage to save Oryo. Sawazaki tells them to go and hide Oryo in the bar as he realizes that there might be a mole inside the police force. But Oryo is in need of medical care and Tsukasa goes along with him in the hospital but she ends up being taken hostage by Sniper Girl who was trying to escape.

Episode Highlights

Lee is seriously the best: I can’t believe that this show has such a reasonable character. He is definitely the guy that you want to see in every silly plot where he actually has the answers to everything and can really help the main characters get through their problems. I also like who he is generally kind-hearted. He helps absolutely everyone, even Anzai who seems to be a pain in the ass. He is the best bro. And let me just add that he is also super fit. Oh yes.

Kikuhara & Makimura: So, despite the fact that Kikuhara is definitely a psychopath, in this episode we see that his subordinate Makimura is also a lunatic as well. He sent him to the bar to actually kill all the witnesses and he did. I think these guys will be trouble in the future episodes.

Tsukasa can actually think for herself: Amen for that! It is very rare to see a female lead in this kind of shows actually having her own personality, making choices for herself and not only for the sake of her significant other or her relationship. She doesn’t sit around and wait for Anzai, she seems to be proactive and wants to help out.

Themes & Trivia

Hans Lee aka Johannes Kleemann: So his name Hans Lee comes from Johannes Kleemann which is actually his real name. In the original manga, he is supposed to be of German descent, and yes, now that we know his actual name there is no doubt about that. Klee is a surname of Old Germanic and Ashkenazi origins, meaning ‘clover’. It is said that the name may originate from the Greek word Kalonymos, which Jews took as an equivalent for the Hebrew Shem Tov, meaning ‘good name.’


I am starting to lose it a bit with all the names of the characters, and honestly, it’s getting ridiculous to see Tsukasa getting in trouble in every god damn step she makes. I mean come on, the plot is taking place in bloody Tokyo, there are billions of people there…

So probably Anzai’s dad was a notorious serial killer oni or used to work in the police or he was sort of special, that’s why that old dude knows him and says that Anzai looks like him. And maybe that’s why Anzai has no idea about his past and that’s why the orphanage ONLO wants him monitored all the time. The plot thickens once again.

Lastly, I think that the original manga of Devil’s Line must be really good. The artwork is lovely, the plot and dialogues are interesting and funny and the storyline seems to be reasonably paced, which are all the things that are wrong with the anime in the first place. If I were a fan of Devil’s Line I would seriously be pretty disappointed with the anime outcome.

A more natural outlet would be… masturbation

Lee had me dying with that quote: ‘A doctor once told me that instead of relying on sedatives, a more natural outlet would be masturbation’. I don’t think he was trying to mock Anzai but he was being a bit of a smartass which made the scene so funny. So, it’s not only bloodlust… it’s actually Anzai not being able to control his horniness. This show is just getting better and better.

NEXT TIME: Chaser (チェイサー)

Devil’s Line

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