Devil's Line Episode 3 Review: Paradox

Tsukasa is definitely not well in the head: Βefore Anzai or even Akimura, she used to be afraid of males in general? And now that she starts to get interested in one, he is the most dangerous of them all? Despite the fact that she is a magnet of everything evil and perverted, how the hell can she say that she trusts him when she doesn’t even know his first name? They say that love is blind but baby girl you are blind as a bat.

Themes & Trivia

The vampires aka oni: In Devil’s Line, the vampires are referred to as onis. An oni (), in Japanese folklore, is a kind of yōkai or supernatural ogre or trolls. They are typically portrayed as hulking figures with one or more horns growing out of their heads. Stereotypically, they are conceived of as red or blue-colored (green-colored), wearing loincloths of tiger pelt, and carrying iron clubs. If you google how the onis traditionally look like, you will see that the resemblance is big with the way vampires look in Devils Line: especially their teeth and their eyes.

Yoshi Yoshi: When Juliana and Sawazaki are at the crime scene and Juliana is almost ready to vomit, he pats her head saying: ‘Yoshi, yoshi’. ‘Yoshi Yoshi’ or ‘よしよしis a Japanese expression that means ‘There there’.


Is it wrong that I am starting to like this? I mean the production quality overall is not that good and the pacing of the plot is so damn awkward but I am starting to really enjoy the series… I am a sucker for anything romantic in general but I do value a good plot, which is a combination that is hard to find in shoujo, especially when they involve the supernatural element, but don’t get me started on that one. I really didn’t expect Anzai to be so caring and kind. I mean, of course, his personality when he is not a beast would have to be very contrasting so he can have this kind of relationship with Tsukasa but I was expecting a more cool and badass muthafucka. Also, the scene at the end escalated so quickly that honestly made me laugh. I was trying to get into the moment and be all like ‘Awww’ but no. Devil’s Line doesn’t have time for bullshit and too many feels. ‘I really like you’ – then gets shot in the chest by a sniper. So dramatic!

If you let Yanagi watch, you can screw your girlfriend.

I have to admit that this is overly sexual in general. It’s been a while since I watched an anime with so much sexual tension between the main characters. Also the fact that vampires are known to be lewd and so fleshly erotic makes this a bit more ‘adult’ than it should. Anyways, I look forward to seeing how the relationship between Anzai and Tsukasa will develop, learn more about the white-haired dude, see more crazy frenzy oni scenes, and of course, the reason why this sniper girl wears an eyepatch.

NEXT TIME: Monster (モンスター)

Devil’s Line

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