Devil's Line Episode 2 Review: Safe House

That guy needs to die: The almost rape scene of Taira made me so angry. ‘I thought silence was consent.’ Really? Really now you utter piece of shit? Anzai should have cut his private parts into pieces. Burn, burn in hell.

Anzai is creepy: So… this whole idea that hot guys can’t be creepy when they stalk girls or smell their hair needs to stop. Yes, Anzai is a handsome boy but honestly, that doesn’t mean that he can get out away with these, and worst of them all is that Taira doesn’t seem to mind. He comes to her balcony and smells her when she sleeps. HE EVEN MASTURBATED WITH HER BLOOD FFS.

Themes & Trivia

Sexual assault in Japan: This is no laughing matter. In Japan, sexual assault occurs to almost every schoolgirl out there. On their way to school or whenever they commute with public transportation, they get groped or touched under their clothes, and of course, everyone is turning a blind eye. An intervention by someone who witnesses this is never likely to be made as society has made everyone be afraid of false accusations. Japanese society is highly patriarchal and for a female to be given anything else rather than the victim card is hard to acquire. Many believe that this comes from the sexualization of schoolgirls in red-light districts and in the anime culture where men are free to grope and touch them. A girl testified that once she finished high school and removed her uniform she hasn’t been assaulted anymore. Japanese men love cute, pure and young, that’s what they find sexually attractive and that’s why in Devil’s Line when the teacher starts touching Taira he thinks that he is right in all because she is quiet and doesn’t say no.


Okay, first of all, let’s all give a round of applause because in this episode everybody was blinking normally. In general, I think the quality of the animation was much better and I didn’t notice anything super goofy. Also, I must say that the scene with the blood on the screen was a very nice touch! So Anzai is a nice and sensitive dude? I really didn’t think that this would be his personality… Expected him to be more tsundere and tough but anyways.

The vampires in Devil’s Line are definitely not pretty when they are in their true form, which is kind of nice to see in a romance anime where usually vampires are more dreamy and Twilight-like than actual beasts thirsty for blood. I am not even going to comment on the fact that Taira is in love with someone who attempted to rape her but nevertheless this is definitely going to be interesting to watch.

Do it with somebody watching?

This anime is lewd and weird in its own way. After the scene of Anzai masturbating while smelling Taira’s blood, I am really intrigued to see what sick and perverted scenes are going to follow in Devil’s Line. Although I think it should be renamed to ‘The problems of Vampire Romance’, I am definitely going to follow this obscene masterpiece.

NEXT TIME: Paradox (パラドクス)

Devil’s Line

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