Devil's Line Episode 11 Review: Ouroburos

Having double and triple agents everywhere makes things even more confusing. The plot of Devil’s Line is getting rather intense in the final episodes but I have to say that it’s so hard to follow that I need to pause to remember who is who and what is going on.

Japanese Original Episode Title: ウロボロス


The F squad is getting ready to infiltrate CCC’s hideout in order to get the members list and discover who is behind all this. Tsukasa and Anzai are having a ‘so glad they met each other’ moment and they say some emotional stuff before the operation starts. Ishimaru and Sawazaki along with Sniper-chan and Anzai start the mission and as they arrive at the CCC hideout, things are starting to look like a trap. In no time, some devils appear and start to make things really difficult for Sawazaki and Ishimaru. Anzai manages to rescue them without transforming to a dangerous level. Meanwhile, Hacker-kun is trying to gain access to the list and the latest member of the F squad learns that Ishimaru is not who he says he is, leading him to confront him to learn the truth. Ishimaru ends up being a double agent along with Makimura who were trying to find out the real boss of CCC and their original motive. Makimura betrays Kikuhara and tries to make him surrender to the authorities but Kikuhara makes a sniper nearby shoot him. Before the episode ends, Kikuhara shoots Anzai leaving him to his death.

Episode Highlights

Ishimaru and Makimura: So they are both double agents. Such an unexpected anime betrayal… In any case, I think it was a nice plot twist but honestly, I don’t think that they achieved anything of importance so far, so maybe they should have tried to play along with the bad guys for a while longer. But probably Kikuhara already knew that they were not legit.

Anzai is in control: He actually managed to rescue them without going into frenzy mode. I really liked the action scene between him and the other two devils that were attacking Sawazaki. That was probably the only worthy fighting scene that we have seen on the anime so far.

Kikuhara is amazing: After everything that is happening, I think that it is actually very impressive that he managed to achieve anything, considering that most of the members of CCC are either fanatics, nutcases, or double agents. So, if I got it straight, his intention was to make the public aware of the devils’ existence? That’s why he does everything or is it something else that he didn’t explain? And if so, what is the deal with Anzai’s dad?

Themes & Trivia

The sewing café: At the beginning of the episode, we saw Taira in a café sewing something for Anzai. Japan is well-known already for its quirky and weird themed cafés that can be found all over Tokyo. The Machine Sewing Café is no exception of course. It’s an actual café where you can go make or repair your clothes while you have a coffee and chat with your friends.


The first half of the episode was actually very good and had an intense suspense horror feel to it. Unfortunately, though, it did not last for long. I like the characters, especially Ishimaru and I really enjoyed Kikuhara’s dialogues: ‘The enormous, uncontrollable shared consciousness forming society’s roots’. That guy is a sociopath for sure but I understand why Sniper-chan finds him charming.

I did not expect the double agent thing from Ishimaru and especially Makimura. The whole bar incident with Makimura was very poorly excused and it had an overall ‘meh’ feeling to it that didn’t really impress me. Also, who shot Makimura? Was it Sniper-chan or someone else? Because I don’t think that she would have shot him and then started worrying about Anzai. Everything is sο confusing.

The blood in this episode was so badly painted over the characters. They didn’t even try to make it look good. They just painted some red over the clothes or where skin should have been and that was it. Terrible. Oh, and can I say once more that Tsukasa can be really retarded? Yes? Thank you.

Double agent man!

Honestly, this anime had so much potential. The plot would have been really easy to understand if everything was more reasonably paced… Enough complaining about the overall quality. I am really looking forward toseeinge what is going to happen in the last episode and I really hope that they give us closure about Anzai’s backstory and family.  

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Devil’s Line

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