Detective Conan Cafe is Back With New Menu Items!

To celebrate the upcoming premiere of Detective Conan’s 22nd movie Zero the Enforcer, a special cafe will be opening its doors to fans all across Japan for a limited time!

This cafe, which is an encore of a similar cafe that ran successfully last year, will open in 13 shops in 11 cities. Although the different locations will have different durations, the official start date is Mar. 29. As one might expect, this cafe boasts a creative new menu with fun cafe decorations and original goods for sale!

There are all sorts of delicious choices on the menu, like the savory “APTX-4869 Curry”, which comes with a refreshing side salad! If you’re feeling particularly villainous, you could also go for “The Criminal Dessert Plate,” which has motifs of a vague criminal character and an interesting silver sauce on the pancake! A comfortable bowl of creamy stew, courtesy of Okiya Subaru, is also on the table.

The Criminal Dessert Plate – Pancake & Smoothie – 1,690 yen
APTX-4869 Curry – 1,580 yen
Okiya Subaru’s Nikujyaga Plate w/ Creamy Stew Sauce – 1,430 yen

If you’re feeling particularly mature but still want to make it home without falling over yourself, the menu also offers a drink set that looks as though it belongs in a study next to a raging fire.

Bourbon Soda Rock – 1,380 yen

As always, plenty of useful original goods will be available, including pens, cups, drawstring pouches, melamine plates and more.

All locations will be opening ahead of the premiere of Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer, so fans itching to see their favorite detective have plenty to look forward to!

Locations and Dates
Sendai: Apr. 10 – May 7
Saitama: Apr. 10 – May 7
Chiba: Apr. 7 – May 7
Tokyo (Shibuya): Mar. 29 – May 7
Tokyo (Yuurakuchou): Mar. 29 – May 7
Yokohama: Apr. 11 – May 7
Shizuoka: Apr. 3 – May 7
Nagoya: Apr. 1 – May 7
Osaka (Abeno): Mar. 30 – May 7
Osaka (Umeda): Apr. 2 – May 7
Hiroshima: Apr. 5 – May 7
Fukuoka: Apr. 6 – May 7
Kumamoto: Apr. 8 – May 7

© Aoyama Gosho / Shogakukan / YTV / TMS 1996

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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