Deluxe Sailor Moon Stamp Set Makes Any Mail a Work of Art!

A deluxe stamp set is the newest addition to a line of goods celebrating the 25th anniversary of Takeuchi Naoko’s Sailor Moon!

Made by Ensky, the “Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Premium Framed Stamp Set” is the first official stamp set released for the series. Orders can be made either online or through post offices in Japan; those going the latter route will receive a bonus clear file for their patronage!

Gorgeously designed from top to bottom, the set comes with several goodies including deluxe postcards, framed stamps, and even a stamp holder that comes with additional premium postcards and details the history behind the series (along with a handwritten note and autograph from Takeuchi herself)!

Deluxe Plated Stamp Holder

(C)Naoko Takeuchi
(C)Naoko Takeuchi

Eight premium postcards are included, each one featuring illustrations that Takeuchi personally picked to be showcased!

1993 – Nakayoshi Feb. Issue Frontispiece (C)Naoko Takeuchi
1993 – Nakayoshi June Issue Frontispiece (C)Naoko Takeuchi
1993 – Nakayoshi Sept. Issue Frontispiece (C)Naoko Takeuchi

Framed Sticker-Type Stamps

(C)Naoko Takeuchi
(C)Naoko Takeuchi
(C)Naoko Takeuchi
(C)Naoko Takeuchi

Utterly charming with the sensation of feminine power that catapulted Sailor Moon into an instant classic around the world, this stamp set is a must-have collectible for fans regardless of whether they mail or not!

Product Details
Name: Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Premium Framed Stamp Set
Price: 5,900 yen
Set Contents:
・Framed Stamps (x1 sheet, 10 stamps total)
・Special Plated Stamp Holder (x1)
・Premium Postcards (x8)
・Special Postcards (x24)
・B5 Clear File (x1)
Order Period: Oct. 2, 2017 ~ Jan. 26, 2018

(C)Naoko Takeuchi

Source: PR TIMES

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