DARLING in the FRANXX's Goro is Getting a New Voice Actor

Yuichiro Umehara‘s sudden hospitalization with an autoimmune disease is still sending shockwaves around the industry. He was voicing seven different characters this season, and his spot in DARLING in the FRANXX is being recast for the final two episodes.

Darling in the Franxx

 Umehara was voicing Goro, the fan favorite male co-pilot of Delphinium that has been emotionally hurt by Ichigo. Daiki Hamano, who’s known for voicing Dante Mogro in Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphan, is taking over the role.

Umehara was hospitalized in May with an autoimmune disease that causes swelling in the brain and spinal cord. The good news is that the disease is non-fatal and has a recovery time of six months, but he’s taking an indefinite hiatus to focus on a full recovery to prevent it from returning.

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