Darling in the Franxx Episode 9 Review: Triangle Bomb

The 9th episode of Darling in the Franxx aired on 10 March with Goro as narrator. The episodes are getting sweeter with more action as icing on top.

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Japanese title: トライアングル・ボム

Episode 09 – Triangle Bomb

Plantation 13’s parasites get presents, which they asked for, from Papa-tachi. Zero Two is new to this and didn’t get anything. Instead, Hiro presents her a hand mirror from Naomi and makes Zero Two happy. Meanwhile, a giant Gutenberg class Klaxosaur is on its way and would collide with Plantation 13 if not stopped by the Franxx. The squad dispatches, Zorome and Miku are fighting the Klaxosaurs, but almost get caught. In order to save the pilots of Argentea, Delphinium, piloted by Goro and Ichigo, jump in and get caught instead. Before the Klaxosaurs explodes, Goro ejects Ichigo and gets stuck inside the monster and the others retreat. Ichigo gets back inside the Franxx with the help of Strelizia and stops Goro from activating the self-destruct mechanism. They leave the Klaxosaur and bomb it from inside.

Fun Facts

Self-destruct Mechanism
The Franxx are equipped with a self-destruct mechanism and it seems that you can only activate it from the inside of the Franxx. Are only the stamen allowed/ able to activate this mechanism?

Today’s Best-Of Phrases

Ichigo to Goro as children: ‘Maybe we can’t win alone, but the two of us together can.’
Goro to Ichigo: ‘You know, I think I like you.’

My Thoughts

I think that the title ‘Triangle Bomb’ refers to the kind of triangle-ish relationship between Goro, Ichigo, and Hiro. Since they were kids, they have been together. We saw a scene where Goro was attacked by a group because he seemed to have picked a fight in the first place and Ichigo tried to help him defeat them. But because he is stubborn, he didn’t want her help. In the end, he did accept her helping hand and so they could win the fight. That’s where Ichigo said that they can’t win alone but together and she used this sentence again after she rescued Goro. I think that his confession at the end of the episode was partially a reason that broke the relationship they had before. Ichigo only had eyes for Hiro, but then Zero Two appeared and when Ichigo finally realized that she couldn’t help Hiro to become a proper pilot, her feelings might have changed a little bit. After all, she even kissed him, and at the beach, she was about to confess her feelings to Hiro, but couldn’t because he got distracted by the stars. She must have thought something, when she watched Hiro and Zero Two, after Papa-tachi’s presents arrived, where Hiro gave Zero Two a hand mirror, which belongs or belonged to Naomi. –What about Naomi? Is she alive? Is she dead? Why is she not coming back and why don’t we get any information about her? It seems like she was just a filler character who had to get almost killed in order to vanish from the set.- The way Ichigo said to Zero Two that she trusted her when they were about to rescue Goro from the Klaxosaurs, had a deeper meaning than it might seem at first. Ichigo didn’t like Zero Two at all, and now she told her that she trusted her. This was a big step for Ichigo, which could mean that she is entrusting Hiro to her and that she believes that Zero Two will take care of Hiro. I might be wrong, but this is my interpretation of the situation.

What would have happened if Goro was the first to give Ichigo the hairpin he asked the Papa-tachi for? Would she have liked it? I think that the hairpin alone wouldn’t have changed her feelings because she has already been in love with Hiro even before the pins arrived. I love how close Ichigo and Goro are and I hope that it will work out for Goro. It is strange, but I’m the type who likes the main character guys the most, but this time I prefer Goro over Hiro. Hiro is… cute but, his hairstyle is just boring. I prefer the intellectual looking, spiked hair styled Goro.

My What-Is-Going-On? Moments

Hand Mirror
How could Hiro give Naomi’s hand mirror to Zero Two? I mean, she did look happy when he gave her the mirror, but still… I wonder why Naomi had a hand-mirror anyways.

Hair Pin
Why on earth did Goro and Hero receive exactly the same hairpin from the Papa-tachi? Is there only one hair-pin design on this planet?

This episode’s Klaxosaurs
How could they just let her ‘swim’ through the Klaxosaur’s liquid body parts? What if something happened? What if there was someplace inside the body that was a lot more toxic than the upper or lower part? Ichigo would have melted to death before reaching Goro. Oh, and how did Goro dare to activate the self-destruction mechanism? Ichigo told him that she will rescue him. How could he not have believed her and just waited a moment longer? That would have been fun if she reaches the Franxx and he just activates the self-destruction. *Kaboom* two parasites and one Franxx less. But I think that Nana and Hachi were like ‘Oh well, if they can’t get out in time, we’ll just have to call and bring two new parasites into the squad.’ They do have plenty of parasites left. But to lose Delphinium would have been a bigger loss, as Plantation 13’s Franxx are individual and different than Plantation 26’s ones.

In the End

This episode was so cute and refreshing. I really liked how Goro told Ichigo that he loved her. And wow, her reaction was so pure and sweet. Let’s hope that Ichigo forgets about Hiro and just moves on to Goro. How did you like Goro’s unrequited love story? And whose story will be focused on next time? Don’t miss out the Episode 10 on 17 March!

Darling in the Franxx

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