Darling in the Franxx Episode 5 Review: Your Thorn, My Badge

New week, new episode! Darling in the Franxx’s 5th episode aired on 10 February and brought us some serious and informative content about the Franxx, their parasites, and Zero Two.

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Japanese title: キミの棘、ボクのしるし(Kimi no Toge, Boku no Shirushi)

Episode 05: Your Thorn, My Badge

Plantation 13 meets Plantation 26 in order to transfer magma fuel reserves. When two or more plantations are linked together, they attract more Klaxosaurs, so Plantation 13 and 26’s parasites work hand in hand to defend their magma reserves. Goro notices that Hiro’s condition is worsening but keeps it a secret as being asked by Hiro. Something blue is growing on Hiro’s chest from the day he piloted Strelizia. A big number of Klaxosaurs are heading towards the two linked plantations, and the parasites receive their orders. Plantation 26 is shocked that Strelizia and Zero Two are now members of Plantation 13, due to Zero Two’s behavior when one parasite of Plantation 26 lost his partner. Ichigo confronts Zero Two in order to protect Hiro but fails. Both Goro and Ichigo tried to help Hiro, but couldn’t in the end. Hiro can’t be convinced not to pilot Strelizia for the third and maybe last time, not even by Zero Two.

Fun Facts

Each plantation has got a number and name! Plantation #26 is called ‘Chrysanthemum’ and again we’ve got a flower’s name thoughtfully put into this anime. Papa people are being treated like gods, they are included in the kids’ prayers. Plantation 26 has parasites and Franxx too!


Kissing: Kissing is being used as a word for when plantations link in order to transfer magma fuel reserves through a pipe. Magma fuel is essential for adults and kids and also the Franxx can’t be operated without it.

My Thoughts

This episode took a serious turn and answered one of my questions from before, but it made me curious about other things. It appears that other plantations, in this episode it is Plantation 26, are too dependent on parasites, which they’re housing. We’ve learned that only Plantation 13’s parasites have ‘names’ because of Hiro, who is even known by other parasites. Plantation 26 and 13’s parasites all seem to have lived together as little children, were then divided into groups and put into different plantations. There was once a hint given that ten children were chosen to be put into Plantation 13 and we haven’t seen any other parasites besides these ten. Plantation 26 has got the same number, which could mean that there are always ten parasites and five Franxx at each plantation. Or at least ‘active’ parasites, because we only heard that Naomi has survived the attack in Episode 1, but we’ve not seen her lately. I am curious whether they let her rest and stay at Plantation 13 or transferred her to some other place. Now that I think of Naomi and Hiro, which Franxx were they supposed to ride if both passed the compatibility tests? If I am not mistaken, Zero Two and her previous partner brought Strelizia to Plantation 13, right? So there are only 4 Franxx at Plantation 13 we’ve heard of. This is another mystery for which we might not receive an answer.

Anyways, Plantation 13’s Franxx are all differently shaped, with different strengths and weapons. Plantation 26’s leader revealed to us that their Franxx are all the same, but why is that? Even if Plantation 13 is the main plantation of this anime, why are their Franxx all different? What makes Plantation 13 so special to have Delphinium, Argentea, Genista, and Chlorophytum?

I loved Hiro’s reconcilation with Zorome. He knows that he has to gain his trust and befriend him in order for Plantation 13 to be able to fight as one team without having grudges and not being able to fight in full potential. Zorome’s character is so easy to read, therefore he won’t make any problems in the future, but I am a bit worried about Mitsuru, as Kokoro saw him in the garden taking some medication. Mitsuru seems to be still in shock or sick after riding Strelizia with Zero Two. I am afraid that he and Ikuno won’t be able to fight with full potential in the next episode. I feel the same about Goro and Ichigo, as they’re both trying to protect Hiro their thoughts are occupied with him. Ichigo tried to talk to Zero Two not to kill him in the end but failed. – Ichigo is so brave to confront Zero Two, but also very calm. I thought that they’d start a fight and claw out each other’s eyes. – Goro tried to stop Hiro from riding with Zero Two, because of Hiro’s current condition and the blue ‘tumor-like thing’ growing on Hiro’s chest, but he couldn’t. Hiro is determined to ‘fly’ with Zero Two, even if it is his last time. Even Zero Two asked Hiro at the end of the episode if he is 100% sure to ride and maybe die in the end, but he said he was. Zero Two acted a bit like she cared but also like it wasn’t her business if Hiro dies after the third ride… If the anime only had six episodes, we would have been prepared for Hiro to die, but because he is the main character and the anime is still going on for some weeks, he just can’t possibly die on us so soon. This is at least the way I am convincing myself, that he’ll be fine.

My What-Is-Going-On? Moments

• I love Zero Two even though she acts a bit crazy sometimes. We’ve seen her in her cute ‘darling here and darling there’ mode, but in this episode, she had that fierce look on her face. When Ichigo tried to confront Zero Two and her headband accidentally fell off, her eyes were glowing red. Last time Zero Two took her ‘headband’ off, she didn’t have red eyes, so why did they change this time… Do her eyes glow red when she is in rage?
• How are they going to defeat 10-150 Klaxosaurs with just ten Franxx…

In the End

I am excited to see the next episode featuring Plantation 13 and Plantation 26’s parasites resisting 100 to 150 Klaxosaurs at once. I hope we get to see how Plantation 26’s Franxx look like!

Darling in the Franxx

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