Darling in the Franxx Episode 3 Review: Fighting Puppet

The newest episode aired on 27 January 2018, in which little Hiro finally appeared!
As I’m still new to review-writing, I will experiment with rubrics and other stuff, so I hope you don’t mind.

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Japanese title: 戦う人形 (Tatakau ningyou)

Episode 03: Fighting Puppet

The parasites are heading towards their first real battle against a Klaxosaurs ranked ‘conrad-class’. Zero Two and Hiro are not allowed to join the battle. Ikuno has problems connecting with her partner Mitsuru, so Genista, Argentea and Delphinium launch without Chlorophytum. After not only one but a horde of Klaxosaurs appears, the group is forced to drawback. It is time for Strelizia to rescue the team, but as Zero Two is still not allowed to board the Franxx with Hiro, her partner happens to be Mitsuru. Mitsuru wants to prove that it wasn’t his fault they couldn’t operate Chlorophytum and becomes Zero Two’s partner. Before Strelizia arrives at the scene, Ichigo, thinking that Hiro is going to ride the Franxx together with Zero Two, fails to control Delphinium for a moment and endangers her team. Strelizia arrives, saves the team and defeats the Klauxosaurs. At the end Zero Two leaves Strelizia, claims that Hiro is her only partner and leaves Mitsuru wounded and unconscious inside the Franxx.


Stamen & Pistil
These are the words used to describe a male (stamen) and female (pistil) parasites, who are riding a Franxx as a pair. The pollen-producing reproductive organ of a flower is called ‘stamen’ and the word itself derives from the Latin word for ‘thread’. The opposite is called pistil, which is the female reproductive part of a flower and Latin for Latin ‘pistillum’ meaning pestle of kitchen tools mortar and pestle.

Fun Facts

  • It seems that Darling in the Franxx’s creators are really into flowers, or at least they did their research. Not only do the Franxx have names of flowers and sometimes also resemble them, but there is also the use of stamen and pistil and I guess more flower-themed objects and names.
  • Hachi revealed how to defeat Klaxosaurs: Klaxosaurs are attracted by magma-energy reactions and in order to completely neutralize them, the core (= heart) has to be extracted and shattered by using customized magma-energy weapons.

Characters and Franxx

Genista is the Franxx of Kokoro (code 556) and Futoshi (code 214). Genista is a genus of flowering plants. One of its species is commonly called ‘broom’ because the plant’s branches were used as sweeping tools. You could say that Genista’s body does resemble a broom in form.

Chlorophytum is Ikuno (code 196) and Mitsuru (code 326)’s Franxx. Chlorophytum is a genus of evergreen perennial flowering plants and commonly called spider plant. The Franxx’s frontal hair tails slightly resemble the long and slender leaves of the plant.

My Thoughts

This episode revealed a scene from the kids’ childhood. It all seems so white and sterile. The children are wearing the same clothes and are named by numbers. Hiro is the genius that named himself Hiro. He also thought of names for Ichigo and the other kids too. We see a little boy, before jumping back into the present, asking Hiro to give him a name too. Could this little boy be Goro, as he, Ichigo and Hiro are friends since their childhood? Hiro once said that they were born to operate Franxx. It did kind of feel strange not to see adults fighting the Klaxosaurs… The only one we’ve seen so far was Zero Two’s partner (I wonder if he survived the last fight)
This episode lost a bit of the excitement in my opinion. It was predictable that Ichigo will have problems controlling Delphinium because she was thinking about Hiro being with Zero Two. I see now why they’re not taught about love and relationships between girls and boys. It would hinder their ability to fight the Klaxosaurs, therefore they only get numbers as names. That’s because they’re only expedients which have been raised in order to protect the Plantation- they don’t even get to know. When Zero Two showed Hiro the Inner City, we learn that it was his first time to see the city. The children are trained in order to protect something they don’t know. They are being used as tools and if they don’t function, others will replace them. The children are not allowed to leave their ‘cage’, in order not to forget why they are still alive. If they were to leave their ‘cage’ and see the beauty of the city (?), they might lose the will to fight, because they’d get engaged in something else. Zero Two mentioned that every Plantation she visited, was built about the same way and were pretty similar on the inside. She mentioned that the city was dead and without blue skies.
The children do come from an orphanage, or at least this is where they say they come from, which means that their parents either didn’t want to raise them or couldn’t. I wonder what it was for Hiro.
And then again they were talking about the ‘Papa’ figures, which we didn’t get to see their faces. What is the reason for the children to have these ‘Papa’ people looking at them? Do they represent their parents and show how proud they are if the parasites can pilot a Franxx without problems?


The Inner City
The inner city looks beautiful. Even though there was no sky and we didn’t really get to see how it looks like from the inside, but the way it was colored and animated sure impressed me.

I loved how Mitsuru is acting all cool and strong because he was allowed to ride Strelizia and in the end, he was just beaten up and looked like dead meat. He deserved to be beaten, because of how he treated his partner Ikuno, but what exactly did Zero Two do with him?

Let Downs

Zero Two in Strelizia
They didn’t show us how Zero Two rides Strelizia.

My What-Is-Going-On? Moments

  • There is a scene where Hiro is training by riding a machine and is swaying a weapon, which in my eyes looked like an okonomiyaki spatula.
  • Ewww did you see the Klaxosaurs in this episode? They looked like spiders and I hate spiders. Ah, and when one of them attacked Argentea and knocked out Miku… just eww.
  • By the way, in episode 1 Strelizia did first extract the core and then killed the Klaxosaurs. This time she just sliced them in two halves.

In the End

This episode wasn’t as exciting and pervy as episodes 1 and 2.
There is still so much I want to know, which the producers didn’t show us yet. I hope that I can enjoy the coming episodes jaw-droppingly again. Oh, and I want more Zero Two-action!


Darling in the Franxx

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