Darling in the Franxx Episode 16 Review: Days of Our Lives

Darling in the Franxx’s 16th episode was delayed back a week and finally aired on 5 May, bringing us a peaceful day of the kids having fun, learning how to fish and how to cook a meal!

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Japanese title: ぼくたちの日々

Episode 16 – Days of Our Lives

After the enormous hand destroys Plantation 13, Squad 13 members are on standby and live on their own in Mistilteinn by following their self-made rules. No adults and caretakers are present and even Nana and Hachi are ordered to ignore their letters for help. This is the first time that the kids are alone, without any adults making their lives convenient. Even though they do get meal rations, they are afraid of being abandoned someday and prepare a meal by themselves. Futoshi is not eating properly and claims to be on a diet. Mitsuru asks Kokoro for a haircut and even gets a kiss on top. Zero Two is integrated and has fun being part of the group. When the girls take a bath together, Zero Two finds gray hair strings on Miku’s head but is not addressing her fund. One quite peaceful day passes and Zero Two has a strange feeling that something isn’t right.

My Thoughts

Futoshi is the narrator of Episode 16. Although he seems to be okay, he does have some problems he is fighting right now. In the morning, when everyone was eating their breakfast concluding various emergency meals, Futoshi had only one bite and claimed to be on a diet. Zorome saw him eating and throwing up afterward so he was concerned about Futoshi’s health and wanted to know the reason, but Futoshi didn’t give an answer. Why would Futoshi suddenly need to go on a self-claimed ‘diet’? Is it because they are afraid not to have any food left in no time because they are being left alone by the adults? Could it be that Futoshi is thinking that his habit of loving to eat would be in the way and that he would uncontrollably eat all the food so that nothing is left behind? Or does he think that if he gets thinner and loses weight, Kokoro would come back to be his partner? It was not nice of Kokoro to first promise him to stay as his partner and then at the first opportunity leave him fly with Mitsuru. Therefore, he might still be shocked about the loss and tries desperately to win her back.

Speaking of the devil, Mitsuru asked Kokoro to cut his hair and because she is a good listener and gives him reasonable advice, he is starting to like her more as a person and suddenly gets kissed by her. I wonder if Mitsuru has already started to like her more than just a partner. All the facts about how children were being ‘made’ and born must have triggered something inside her to have kissed Mitsuru out of thin air. It could also be her longings because she already liked him for a long time to try out what it meant to kiss, as she has heard from the others. By the way, Mitsuru looks great with his new haircut! Kokoro did a good job. He seems to have become a more decent boy now. Did you know that in Asian TV series and anime the girls often cut their hair after suffering from a broken heart/ unrequited love? For example, Akane in Ranma 1/2 cut her hair short because she realized that her beloved Dr. Tofu Ono liked her elder sister Kasumi. It also happens in the ‘western’ world too, but I can’t think of any scene right now. Let me know if you have seen someone, somewhere cutting their hair because of a break-up, etc.

But back to Hiro and the others. So papa-tachi are just letting Squad 13 be. They first commanded Squad 26 to blow themselves up and now they’re kind of ignoring Squad 13 and leaving them on standby. They do send them rations, but no other help or sign that they’re still needing them. Zorome, who has loved and respected the papa-tachi, finally became sane and does not mention his adults anymore. He is upset that they are not helping them when in trouble. He realized that they have been using them for their own reasons. So he proposed not to thank them before a meal anymore, as Squad 13 cooked it by themselves.
We have learned from Dr. Franxx that Plantation 13’s pilots were a test group for something. And this time too, he told Nana to leave them alone because they are conducting a project. He even said that Nana too experienced something similar, or at least that is what I have understood. Dr. Franxx also mentioned something about a Klaxosaur princess… did he mean Zero Two or someone else? At the end of this episode, Zero Two gets cautious and we see a ‘girl’ that is pretty similar to Zero Two. Inside the new version of Mika Nakashima’s opening them, there is a girl with white long hair and ‘eight’ legs standing in front of a building, before vanishing. Could this indicate a second Zero Two? Her sibling or even a clone? I am pretty eager to see what is coming in the near future.
Now that Zero Two and Hiro are back together, they are behaving totally different. Zero Two is engaging herself in work and is happily helping the group to survive. She taught them how to fish and is interacting with all members. I love her smiling face. She has changed so much and looks a lot better now that she found her prince and a way of living she likes. Hiro even comes up with the thought that this life, that they have been living for about a month, is the best life they could live. They now have got the time to get to know each other better instead of only fighting Klaxosaurs.

My What-Is-Going-On? Moments

The papa-tachi, at the Mobile Aerial Fortress Cosmos, are talking about the Hringhorni construction that is in progress at Grand Crevasse. But what exactly is the Hringhorni? What are they building over there, where a giant hand appeared from beneath? Is Hringhorni some kind of machine to capture the giant thing or to use its powers?

Miku and her white hair
When the girls are taking a bath together inside a lake, Zero Two wanted to return the ‘favor’ and wash Miku’s hair, but she suddenly stopped because she saw that Miku’s hair turned gray. Why would Miku’s hair turn gray? The pilots are some kind of experiment, pumped with medications to make them grow fast and strong. We also don’t really know where they come from. Are they being born the ‘normal’ way or being produced or cloned somehow? Could Miku’s gray hair be an indicator of their real age they have reached until today’s episode? I mean we heard Goro talk about how only three months have passed in one episode, which just couldn’t be correct. During their flashbacks in Mistiltinn, they have been little children and suddenly became teenagers after only three months. And now we know that they have been living in Mistiltinn for about a month after the big fight at Grand Crevasse has ended. Are they, or at least some of them, getting older rapidly? So far we have only seen Miku ‘aging’.

In the End

I prefer some peaceful days instead of fighting strange creatures, but the peace will not last for long as we have already seen that there is something coming to disturb Squad 13.

Darling in the Franxx

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