Darling in the Franxx Episode 14 Review: Punishment and Confession

Zero Two lost her mind and hurt the squad members in Darling in the Franxx‘s Episode 14, which aired on 14 April.
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Japanese title: 罪と告白

Episode 14 – Punishment and Confession

The fight ends, Zero Two stops choking Hiro and leaves Strelitzia. Hiro loses consciousness and is hospitalized. Zero Two finally realizes that the boy she met in her past is Hiro and wants to talk to him, but can’t because of Ichigo and the other Squad 13 members, who are keeping them apart. A big mission is ahead of the children, who are to team up with the Nines, and as a matter of fact, Zero Two will be transferred back to the Nines’ team. Before the mission is about to start, Zero Two and Hiro want to talk and hear answers to their questions, but as Hiro leaves his room to see Zero Two, she is doing the same with the concent of Ichigo. Seeing his empty room makes her rage in anger because she thinks that the squad members tried to deceive her. She gets angry and hurts Ichigo and the others until Hiro arrives and calls her a monster. Zero Two believes that this is her punishment for killing and hurting so many people that she leaves the group to join the Nines. Hiro, angry and hurt, however, wants to talk to Zero Two but gets stopped by Ichigo who confesses her feelings and kisses him.

My Thoughts

So in this episode, we get to see a punishment and a confession. When Zero Two finally understood that Hiro was the little boy from her past, she couldn’t really believe what she had been doing to him all that time. Hiro was the trigger that made her pursue the goal of becoming a human being, but unfortunately, she ended up using him. She is consuming the energy of stamen to get rid of her monster-ness and has killed many pilots after they rode Strelizia three times with her. Only Hiro was able to stay alive because he licked the blood of her knee when they were children. Therefore, his body somehow must have changed or become stronger because of her blood. But in the end, Nana said that Hiro won’t make it and asked the headquarters of APE to send Zero Two back to Nines’ squad. So because of the data, which Nana and Hachi have got, Hiro is likely to die soon.

Hiro and Zero Two find out that they’ve met each other as children. They want to talk, but Ichigo remained strongly against that… why? I know that she loves him and that she wants to protect Hiro, but if he wants to talk to Zero Two, she should have let them be. We have seen what happens if you get on Zero Two’s nerves. You fly and get hurt because she is not only taller but also stronger than anybody in this squad.

Some could have foreseen that Hiro would disappear from his room in order to secretly meet Zero Two and that she would be disappointed not to meet him, but that she would have knocked Ichigo and the others out didn’t cross my mind. She was so angry and hurt, not only because they didn’t let them meet, but also because she was at fault for so many reasons. She hurt the boy she liked, the boy who promised to become her darling and tried to save her from the cruel treatments inside The Garden. Her eyes were glowing red and she seemed to be really badly hurt on the inside but extremely frightening on the outside. The way Hiro entered the room and saw what she had been doing to his comrades and even to Ichigo, he blew a fuse and told her off. But anyone would have reacted that way. That’s the same way parents react at first when they see their children playing with the stove or fire. He said that because he loved her and because he cared about her and didn’t want her to become the monster. That’s also one reason he wanted to talk to her, to get answers to all his questions. Because he liked her, he wanted to know why she chose him to ride Strelizia with and if she already knew who he was at the beginning or not.

My What-Is-Going-On? Moments

Poor Goro
So, its official, Ichigo finally confessed her love to Hiro and even kissed him twice. She did that all, unknowingly in front of Goro, who happened to come down the stairs in bad timing. He confessed to Ichigo previously, but she wouldn’t accept his feelings even though she was flattered by his words. Yet, her heart belongs to Hiro, who only had eyes for Zero Two. Ichigo also said that she wanted to be near Hiro and wants to ride a Franxx with him, but what about Goro? If he’s not needed, what is going to happen with a pilot without a pistil and a Franxx?

Klaxosaur blood
You lick Klaxosaur blood and your immune system gets stronger, you survive much more than anyone else… why did nobody come to that conclusion before? Dr. Franxx did use Zero Two for his experiments, but didn’t think of this possibility? Or is there a reason that he should not inject Klaxosaur blood into the children? Could it be that the Nines are ‘infected’ with her or Klaxosaur’s blood and are therefore the elite of pilots?

Superboy Dr. Franxx
This genius man found some new victims for Zero Two to eat- to suck out their life energy. But the question is, who is so stupid to ride a Franxx with her knowing about the rumors of dying after three rides? What did Dr. Franxx tell them or promise in order to recruit them? Or are they as emotionless as the new children at The Garden, being manipulated to fight for the adults?

In the End

Zero Two finally becomes the monster she never wanted to be. Her eyes glow red, her horns are still growing, and now she is all alone. I hope that Hiro finds a way to talk to her before his time is up, or will he surprise us with another miracle and survive?

How do you like the series so far and what do you think will happen to our Romeo and Juliet couple from Darling in the Franxx??

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