[:en]Create Your Own Souvenir Kit Kat in Kyoto!


Plan on dropping by the JR Kyoto Station anytime soon? If so, a new service by Nestlé Japan will let you immortalize your recent travels with a personalized Kit Kat package!

The service is called “Tabi no Omoide Kit Kat” and launched on Nov. 2. As the name suggests, the concept revolves around choosing one of your favorite pictures from recent travels so it can be printed on a Kit Kat package!

While you can certainly keep the yummy candies and memories for yourself, the package comes out looking sort of like a postcard; that is, you can place a stamp, message, and address on it to mail it off to friends and family you won’t be seeing for a while.

Assuming your friends and family love Kit Kat bars, the candy won’t last too long…but that doesn’t mean the picture has to be thrown away! The package also comes with a stand so the picture can be displayed. Alternatively, it can also be framed.

The processing time to receive the personalized package is also incredibly short. With a machine that’s user-friendly, users can receive their gift in less than 5 minutes! And believe it or not, this unique concept was pitched by a just-hired Nestlé Japan employee back in Apr. 2017. Thanks, mysterious employee!

If the concept sounds somewhat familiar, that’s because it’s evolved from the “Chocollabo” service that launched back in 2010. Users could get Kit Kat packages with personalized pictures and messages that were ideal for gifting to others on birthdays, holidays, and other special days. However, “Tabi no Omoide Kit Kat” was specifically geared towards mailing to loved ones far away as a souvenir.

The service is priced right at 400 yen per package, but don’t dally too long if you want one; the service ends in Apr. 2018!

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