Cosplayers around the world reveal inspiring cosplay evolutions online 【Photos】

A few years can make all the difference between ordinary and spectacular cosplay.

Like any artistic pursuit, the art of cosplay takes time and practice to perfect. Not only do you have to learn how to sew costumes and become familiar with the way that different materials move on the body, you also have to be aware of various effects that can be achieved through certain poses and lighting setups.

Nobody starts out with a perfect look the first time, and to prove that point, cosplayers around the world are currently sharing photos of their own personal improvements over the years, with the trending hashtag #cosplayevolution.

The growing collection of photos online show that some cosplayers prefer to try their hand at different characters

While others attempt to improve the look of one particular character close to their heart.

Some people’s images show their love for cosplay has been going strong for decades.

For this Game of Thrones fan, just two years made all the difference to her Daenerys Targaryen cosplay. In her first photo, she bears a vague resemblance to the character, while in the second shot, it’s clear that she’s perfected not only the costume but the hairstyle, pose and props as well.

A lot of cosplayers have shown a huge improvement in their costumes, creating a newfound confidence that shines through in the photos.

Here, the Joker inspires everyone to reach for their goals with his before-and-after transformation!

The hashtag is actually prompting a lot of cosplayers to reflect on their evolution on a deeper level, taking stock of the progress they’ve made not only looks-wise, but personally and mentally too.

The #Cosplay #Glowup is real! 😱😱😱 I don’t usually post super personal stuff online, but I wanted to take a minute and talk about what being a #Cosplayer has meant to be these past few years! 💕💕💕 I’ve always loved dressing up and playing pretend (hence, why I went to school for Acting) and so finding a community where it is not only accepted but ENCOURAGED as an adult to chase your cartoon passions with reckless abandon meant the world to me! ✨✨✨ Before cosplay, I didn’t really feel comfortable in my own skin. Isn’t it weird how pretending to be other people can make YOU feel better too? Cosplay also brought SO many amazing people into my life in ways I can’t even begin to describe.💗💗💗 And we all start somewhere! My #2008 photo is from an all-nighter we pulled to make #SailorMoon costumes from scratch and they look garbage but how proud are we?? 😂😂😂And here I am, almost 10 years later, practicing my art, expressing my passions, and feeling at home in such an amazing community.😍😍😍 Cosplay isn’t about fame, or followers, or popularity – and it’s so easy to get wrapped up in all of that isn’t it? Cosplay is #ART; and it’s how I express myself each and every time I dress up. ❤️✨ Thank you all for supporting me and my lil corner of the artistic internet — you inspire me to continue to create more and more!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Don’t ever stop expression your passions as big and as loud as you can. No one can stop you chasing your dreams!! ✨💕🎀🌙🎀💕✨ #CaleighCosplay #growup #nowandthen #sidebyside #princessserenity #sailormooncosplay #sailormooncrystal #sailorsenshi #90s #90skid #miccostumes #cosplayer #cosplaygirl #geekgirl #cosplayersofinstagram #cosplaysky #girlboss #cosplayyourway #cosplayglowup #cosplaymeme

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Not only is the growing collection a beautiful example of various characters and styles that can be achieved through cosplay, it’s also an inspiring lesson that if at first you don’t succeed, you should try again and again. Even if you’re relegated to nothing but low-cost budget cosplay!

Featured image: Instagram/galacticat

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