Comic Girls Anime Gets Spring Premiere!


Do you like anime series based off 4-koma manga?  Enjoy that comedy meets slice of life vibe that very often produces insanely popular anime?  You know the one I’m talking about, don’t you?  K-On!…Azumanga Daioh…Lucky Star…yeah, those ones!  We even got to enjoy one in 2017 with the presence of New Game! in the summer season line up.

Well, get ready for the next 4-koma comedy that’s making its way into the anime sphere: Comic Girls!  As the name suggests, this series focuses on four girls who are all mangaka and live together in an all-girls dormitory that exists especially for those in their profession.  So, what’s the catch?  Well, mangaka-senpai #1 and #2 are already serialized, but their recently arrived kouhai have a few unique problems.

Meet your main supporting cast!  Mangaka-senpai #1 is Tsubasa who draws “super intense shounen manga”.  Mangaka-senpai #2 is an ecchi-mangaka, but SSSSSHHH!  It’s a secret!  And the mangaka-kouhai who is not our main character is Koyume, who draws shoujo.  She’s super friendly, super messy, and draws super, super cute girls.  The problem?  Her boys look like they’ve been drawn by a kindergartener because she’s just not into drawing them.

And last, but most definitely not least, we have our main character, Kaoruko!  This adorable first year high school girl is our ever popular loli character who looks like she’s in grade school.  Kaoruko moves into the mangaka-dorm based on recommendation by her editor after her manga ranked lowest in popularity on a reader survey.  But what’s her issue you ask?  Well, because of her short stature, Kaoruko draws really adorable small girls, but that’s about it.  Ask her to add in a tall, model-esque character, and the perspective goes super wonky, making the model character look overweight in the distance with a disproportionately tiny head.

This series shows the story of the girls growing together as manga creators, supporting each other as they live and work in the same dorm.  As of yet, the manga only has three volumes, but it’s a super fun read.  And really, the anime that is set to debut in April should be a super fun watch as well.

You can find more information here.

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