Citrus Episode 9 Review: Love Is

Aww man, Citrus this week had me going the whole time as Matsuri’s plan was revealed. Truly that girl is devious and this episode proved it.


Matsuri is one little schemer, trying to separate Mei and Yuzu by pretty much blackmailing Mei to keep her distance. But the lengths Matsuri went to were a bit much, especially for a middle schooler. My god. Just showed how black-hearted Matsuri was towards her attachment to Yuzu.

I seriously thought that Mei was playing along with Matsuri and going to meet a stranger. For the next part, I don’t feel I need to say anything. At this point, I was surprised to see where things were headed. Matsuri at heart is just a child and this ploy of hers to separate Mei and Yuzu wasn’t going to be full proof but it gave the push Mei needed. I was squealing over it.

Episode Highlights

Yuzu Beautiful Heart: This isn’t a big highlight in general but for me it was. All the hard work Yuzu put into baking a cake for Mei so all of their family could spend Christmas together. It just made it shine, I mean Yuzu’s good nature and Mei is lucky to have her.

Devious Matsuri: My jaw about dropped at how twisted Matsuri really was. Though both Mei and Matsuri are on a even grounding on that, Matsuri made Mei meet with a stranger. Mei was about to bend to Matsuri’s will, oh my god. But when Yuzu caught Mei in time, I’m still confused about what Mei would do about the stranger…

Be More Open: Even with how this week’s episode turned out, Mei got the push she needed in order to be more honest with her feelings. The end of the episode had me squealing, especially Yuzu’s unexpected reaction. Mei pinned the question if she wants to find out the real Mei, the good and the bad. Oh my god!!! The pain to wait for next week’s episode now is great!

Themes and Trivia

Bending To People’s Will: You could feel the pain of Mei bending to Matsuri’s will. Mei had no choice in the matter. Don’t let people guilt trip or take advantage of you. Mei in this case was being considerate towards Matsuri’s feelings. It didn’t sit right with me listening to Matsuri. It’s okay to be considerate of people’s feelings but not at the cost of your kindness.

Others Take Longer: Mei was never easily open about her emotions. Not everyone will be as expressive as you might be. Others take longer to feel comfortable in revealing their feelings. Don’t push and let them come out on their own when they are ready.


Ahhhh man, this episode. It was so on point regarding the drama factor and I really loved it. Matsuri’s meddlesome character will be gone now.  But I have to thank Matsuri who gave Mei the push she needed to feel more attune with her own feelings towards Yuzu.

At this point in time, I don’t care. I want a confession from both Mei and Yuzu and to stop beating around the bush. The wait for it all to be out in the open is killing me slowly and we still have a few more episodes to go. I have to say the ending of this week’s episode made my eyes pop out of their sockets. Mei being so forward, haha. Yuzu’s expression made me laugh but Yuzu… she was waiting for this moment.

Ughh, next week’s episode will be good and with no more Matsuri. Yes !

We All Need A Push !!

This week’s episode had me, oh my god, excited. How about for you guys? Tell us in the comments below if you are glad that Matsuri is gone now. Did Mei’s forwardness at the end surprise you?

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I’ll see you all next week. !! Will we get a confession?

Next Time: Winter Love (冬の愛)


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