Citrus Episode 7 Review: Love Or Lie

The last two episodes have been slow but this one awakened the drama! Ahh, the whole time I was going arghhhhhh!! A LOT at my computer screen. Especially during the introduction of Yuzu’s childhood friend. There’s a lot for me to say so let’s just get to it for this week’s episode.


We have already dealt with Himeko’s childhood friend and now it was Yuzu’s turn with the introduction of Matsuri who I thought was in high school when making her first appearance, no.. middle school. I think I was a bit blind because as soon as she opened her mouth, Matsuri had a annoying child-like voice which was hard to put up with during the episode. I can’t lie, it does not suit her character.

The pot is certainly stirred up at a fast pace. Matsuri wasted no time in causing trouble in more than one way. Literally, the whole time I was thinking WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Sorry, for the caps but I was desperate. Matsuri just pleased herself but I do have to say that her appearance will probably direct Yuzu and Mei in the same direction. I’ve been hoping for that, especially for Mei.

Episode Highlights

Being Shot Down: You know when you are rejected right on the spot by a person who has no second thoughts about doing it? Poor Yuzu, and can’t believe I’m saying this. I know…they are sisters but I couldn’t help it when Mei just shot her down. When she asked the meaning of their kiss last episode, I felt for her. Did you?

What Middle schoolers Should Not Be Doing: Oh my god…. My lid was about to flip when Matsuri openly rambled about her ‘part time’ job. Agh, that whole scene was just bad, I’m sorry to say. I did not think the anime would go there, sending fake graphic pictures to internet perverts. What is wrong with this girl….seriously?

Matsuri Move Maker: Matsuri making a move on Yuzu… Why did I have a feeling this would happen?  It frustrated me that Yuzu just let her laying all over her, for god’s sake. I would have shoved her right off. Matsuri totally dominated Yuzu like she knew everything about Yuzu’s feelings. Spoiled, childish brat.

Make A Spectacle: Middle schoolers such as Matsuri shouldn’t be displaying such bold moves as she did. Kissing Yuzu in front of Mei, jealously will set in now. I have to thank Matsuri because Mei will begin to realise her true feelings. I feel like Mei has been holding back, but hey, at least Matsuri was of some use in this episode.

Themes and Trivia

Japanese Karaoke: Karaoke originates from Japan. A typical pastime for Japanese people, they sing along to the latest tunes. It’s normal for karaoke places to remain open till 3 am.

Kissing In Japan: In Japan, you won’t see a lot people kissing in public. Especially romantic kisses, as it’s felt by the culture that you’re exploiting yourself too openly. Japanese people have a culture of respect and believe in privacy. That’s not to say a kiss on the cheek would be bad.


Arghh, in this episode Matsuri was flat out annoying. Her presence has disrupted everything. I’m sorry, but her Japanese voice does not suit her character. It sounds almost too childish. Matsuri had a run-of-the-mill presence throughout the episode until Mei stepped in. The war for Yuzu’s heart I can feel has begun and is going to cause some good drama.

If I had to pick one childhood friend, it has to be Himeko. Both are annoying but at least Himeko doesn’t have a high pitch voice. As annoying Matsuri was, her presence will be good to stir things up between Yuzu and Mei and give them a push aha. Makes me excited for next week’s episode.

Middle Schoolers Don’t Need Jobs

I cannot deny how good this week’s episode was for me. Really enjoyed it. Seeing the snippet for the next episode, it looks like the pitchforks are coming out. Mei Vs Matsuri. Haha this will be good but do tell us in the comments, did Matsuri’s presence annoy you? Are you secretly rooting for Yuzu and Mei?

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I’ll see you all next week!! Because war is about to break out!!

Next Time: War Of Love  (愛の戦争)


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