Citrus Episode 6 Review: Out Of Love

I liked this episode of Citrus better than last week’s and the one from the week before. It held some surprises and a couple of cute moments. There was an indication that another hurdle is coming towards Yuzu and Mei. Looks like it will be Yuzu’s turn. It was all so exciting!


Daddy was home to visit and the family drama was about to erupt. We finally learn the hidden feelings regarding Mei’s father that she has been hiding all this time. We saw a very vulnerable side to Mei, which was great to see. Lifeless Mei is beginning to come alive and that’s thanks to Yuzu.

Yuzu really comes through for Mei in constantly running away from her father. Though I have to say between Mei and her father, everything was resolved too quickly for my liking. Anyway, so many cute parts between Yuzu and Mei this time around. From the beginning, Mei had been a mystery but I felt that through the course of the episodes so far, I’ve gotten to understand her better. This episode clarified a lot for me. The end of the episode had me hyped for what is to come. Hehe.

Episode Highlights

Bitch Slap! Shocker! Did anyone else see that slap coming from Yuzu? I kind of saw it coming, but watching that scene, I was all rooting for Yuzu. Yes girl, you tell Mei like it is.

Pleasurable Kiss: That kiss between and Yuzu and Mei… I was not expecting that. It was rather sweet, honestly. It was a lovely scene of one another giving the flushed look. Ugh, I feel so guilty thinking it was a sweet thing. Like I’ve said, look at what Citrus does to me. Haha

Big Sis: Yuzu really acted this big sister role in this episode. Ahh makes me love Yuzu more, a spunky firecracker.

Themes And Trivia

Following In Footsteps: We learn Mei strives to fill in, until her father returns, his place at the academy. Mei’s father has no desire to return as the chairman. This was the main source of Mei’s feelings.

Your Own Dream: Finally, reaching some closure for Mei. It’s not until we find closure and put things behind us that we can move on ourselves. When Mei realizes this, she wants to take over the academy.


I was so excited to see into more detail the relationship between Mei and her father. It fell flat of my expectations, honestly. While it was good to see a vulnerable side of Mei, it felt too quickly resolved for my taste. Didn’t even get to hear what Mei said to her father as he was leaving to go abroad… Lame. I’ll say that in this episode Yuzu shined brightly and took responsibility for Mei. It’s always so selfless of Yuzu going out of her way for Mei. Makes me love Yuzu’s character a lot more. I would want Yuzu as a sister honestly.

The unexpected kiss and holding hands scene between Mei and Yuzu made up for the tiny scope look into Mei and her father’s relationship. The problem was that I didn’t really care for Mei’s father, honestly. He was bland for me, a cool dad, but that’s about it. But what do you know? We had Mei’s friend invade, now it’s Yuzu’s friends’ turn. Haha, isn’t it always the way? Can’t have just one invader, but several to disrupt the flow.

Acting Like A Sister

The father and daughter reunion had its merits but was rushed for my taste. Still, this episode, overall, was good. Main thing was that Mei might finally stop being so lifeless and cold. Here’s to hoping, but tell us in the comments about this week’s episode!! Did Yuzu step it up in big sis mode? What did you think of Mei’s dad? Check out what else reviewing for Winter 2018 on MANGA.TOKYO

I’m excited about next week’s episode !! another hurdle incoming See you next week!!

Next Time: Love Or Lie (愛や嘘)


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