Citrus Episode 3 Review: Sisterly Love

Yuzu this week becomes bold in her attempt to not run away from her new-found feelings for Mei. Just when things looked like they had settled between the pair, more drama started. Well, that was Mei’s fault, without even realizing it, and now we have another girl appear on the scene. Yuzu and Mei’s relationship get into more complication and confusion. This week’s episode set the stage for things to begin moving forward between these sisters.


Things start off on good footing in the first few minutes with Yuzu deciding to not run away from what she is feeling. Good on her. You should never deny what you feel for someone even if it’s your step sister. Mei is the one that started all this. During the part that Yuzu is marching into reason with old grandpa, only to end up taking him to the hospital, it all ended working out for Yuzu since she didn’t face expulsion. Even our old seniors see the error of their ways. Grandpa’s closed mind was opened up to him jumping the gun. Glad my grandad is nothing like Mei’s. It would drive me crazy if he was.

Mei and Yuzu, through this event, get a little closer and return home to her mom. This is where it came into focus on how Yuzu should act with Mei. Yuzu thought she would hold all the answers, but nope, everything just ends up confusing her more. Logically, one should access that this is love and confide in someone, but it’s not that easy when you’re in love with your step sister.

Towards the end of the episode, things go downhill as Yuzu is serious about confronting her feelings for Mei. Nothing goes down well only for Mei’s harshness to hurt Yuzu and couldn’t see how Yuzu was and she didn’t care what anyone would think. Then the childhood friend comes into the picture, who’s on the student council. She is going to be a nuisance.

Episode Highlights

Go To The Source: The most logical thing to find out your new feelings for your sister is yuri manga. Because everybody does that… Haha. How this element was used in this episode was hilarious. The moment that Yuzu’s friend Harumi reenacted a scene from the manga sent all the wrong signals to viewers watching the episode. So funny. 

Grandpa Sees His Wrongs: Mei’s grandfather is one I’d not want as my own grandfather. Damn straight Yuzu shouldn’t have to face expulsion from school. His massive pride and ego are so far up there that reasoning wouldn’t have been an option if it was me. Seniors don’t know everything.

Feeling Declaration: Mei has some things to work out, like her blunt nature. She shattered Yuzu in an instant. The way she did it was the worst, and poor Yuzu cried her eyes out. But we should follow Yuzu’s example and be bold in our feelings of declaration.

Themes and Trivia

You Feel What You Feel: Whatever sexual orientation, race, or social status you have, you feel what you feel. You shouldn’t feel like you have to explain that to others, to make them understand. It’s only natural to like or love someone and nothing should stand in your way of that.

Yuri Validation: Now, I’m not an expert on yuri anime but it is the representation of validation in lesbian relationships in Japanese culture and a way to show that women don’t necessarily have to have children and bring up a family. When it comes to anime and manga for the yuri genre, it’s hard to come across any validation in the characters’ relationships. In Citrus there have been scenes between Yuzu and Mei that could be described as ‘assault.’ The difference with Citrus is that there is a lot of complication, especially on Mei’s side, and regarding her family and whatever hidden feelings she’s not revealed. Yuzu and Mei’s relationship is complex and we are just beginning to see it in detail. Yuzu’s feelings for Mei are genuine and not false.  


Ugh, when reaching the end of the episode, the mention of a childhood friend had me rolling my eyes. Τhe direction Citrus is going is more complications. I really enjoyed this week’s episode and Yuzu sticking with her feelings. Don’t like Mei right now though after shooting her down, kissing Yuzu like she did but I think there is more to this. Of course there is, but where Yuzu and Mei relationship is at now, the pacing has been good so far. Ahh, Citrus is turning out to be really enjoyable so far !!

Manga Apparently Has All The Answers To Love

Now, all we have to wait is for Mei to realize her feelings. The obstacles are many. We have the childhood friend incoming and lord knows what else. The complex train continues to chug along. Were you surprised by Yuzu’s boldness? Tell me us your thoughts on this week’s episode in the comments

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