Citrus Episode 2 Review: One's First Love

Things have escalated quickly between Yuzu and Mei since citrus‘s last episode. Already one of my questions that had been beckoning at the end of episode one was partially answered: What are Mei’s intentions or feelings? We got a glimpse from her viewpoint and a better understanding of her circumstances. Quite an emotional coaster we had and we’re only in Episode 2.



Yuzu is reeling in confusion over Mei’s forceful kiss and things become even more awkward. As Yuzu is about to get out the bath, Mei makes other sneak attack, pinning her against the wall. I found myself gasping again as this scene just came out of nowhere. Things quickly becoming interesting as Yuzu makes a spectacle, not once but twice, and both in front of her new grandfather. First impressions count big time.

Mei’s stern grandfather is not one I’d want to have. People like that don’t even know what fun is anymore. This results in Mei moving back home with her Grandfather. From my first impression of Mei and from this week’s episode, there’s some hidden pain inside the girl. Lurking around the place and in a scene of Yuzu confronting Mei, it is clear that Mei is looking sad and there is an emotional imbalance inside her. It made me understand Mei from a different viewpoint and I found myself feeling empathy towards her. There is some complicated family mess that is going to go down, I can feel it.

Things ended in Yuzu coming to an important realization regarding Mei which I didn’t think we would get so soon. All the confusion Yuzu had until now just went away like that. In Netsuzou Trap, we had to wait a bit until the last episode. Yuzu, unlike Yuma, at least jas some backbone. I love the direction things are going right now.

Episode Highlights

Teacher Exposed: Our scandalous teacher outed by Yuzu. Yuzu’s school assembly outburst was a stupid move, yet so funny. All-girl schools don’t sound fun to me.

‘Baka’ Grandfather: It’s one thing to make a joke to your grandparents about their age but it’s another to call your newbie grandfather a jerk or baka. Yuzu is quickly growing on me.

Mei’s Struggle: It was great to see in this episode a partial focus on Mei. She’s got her own emotional baggage and complicated family ties. I felt empathy towards her and I am curious to learn all that she’s hiding.

Background MusicThis week the music was a real stand out, particularly when focused on Yuzu and the scenes Yuzu is wondering about Mei and the reasons she’s not living with her mother and herself. The music made for an emotional impact as Yuzu tried to reach a conclusion over Mei.

Themes & Trivia

What You Don’t Know: Yuzu made assumptions over Mei that she was nothing but a goody-two-shoes, especially after seeing Mei kiss the teacher and because of her standoffish attitude. Yuzu learned there was more to Mei and that she had a hidden sadness. Making assumptions about people’s life or problems you have no idea about, without learning the truth is not right. We shouldn’t judge people right off the bat.

Japanese Word ‘Baka’: I think in every single anime the word ‘baka’ is used at least once. But did you know this word is more complex than you thought? While the world means ‘stupid’, in Japan is not considered just a swear word with a negative meaning. The word can also be used positively, for example, in admiration of someone’s feelings. It was interesting to learn there is more to this word.


Saying this early on, but Citrus is hitting all the right buttons with me. Could this be a decent yuri adaptation done right? Well, it’s shaping up to be. The focus on Mei this week was great and made me feel different towards her character. Things are way more complex for her than I initially thought. Makes me glad in this case that I’m not one of those individuals that hasn’t read the manga because I feel if I had, I might have been way nick picky about certain things that maybe the manga didn’t cover. It’s turning out to be a pleasure reviewing this series weekly.

Respect Your Elders

From the small preview of the next episode, it looks like things will get even more interesting. I’m really excited, can next week come already? Wasn’t this week’s emotional episode good? Did you like or not? Tell us in the comments!!  and don’t forget to check out MANGA.TOKYO’s other Winter 2018 reviews

I’ll see you guys next week for more sweet Citrus!!

Next Time: Sisterly Love (姉妹の愛)


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