Citrus Episode 10 Review: Winter Of Love

Picked up right off from last week’s episode of Citrus, Mei is offering herself on a platter to Yuzu. Really thought this week’s episode would be decent. Nope, it was so lackluster.


Mei was right there in front of Yuzu and saw the doubt in Yuzu’s eyes. Yuzu wasn’t going to be greedy and take advantage. Then we have a silent period between Mei and Yuzu and the introduction of the twin trouble and you can see from a mile away where this is going. Now things are back into ‘complicated mode’ and it’s all Mei’s doing.

Episode Highlights

Boring Twins: I’m sorry but the moment these twins were introduced, I was asking myself: Why? Are they here just to cause another rift between Yuzu and Mei? Sara and Nina are about as fun as watching paint dry.

Mei’s Coldness Returns: I don’t know what’s going on within Mei’s mind now that she is back to giving Yuzu the cold shoulder. Either way, I am confused because Yuzu didn’t take up the offer. I mean, geez, Yuzu couldn’t do that to Mei.  

Like At First Sight: Sara was more than open about not caring if she liked a guy or a girl. Made me laugh because in reality you can’t just automatically like someone at first glance.

Considerate Yuzu: Poor Yuzu can’t get a break. She was only being considerate towards Mei’s feelings and Mei throws the fact that Yuzu was scared back in her face. Mei needs a good wake up call to people’s feelings.

Themes and Trivia

Shinkansen Trains: These bullet trains are the fastest way to get around Japan. It’s a shame other countries don’t have them anywhere. Way cost-effective and they even allow small animals.


This week’s episode was lackluster and slow for me. I knew twins Sara and Nina would be coming in at some point, but RIGHT at the end? What else could they bring to the drama game than what Himeko and Matsuri have? I find their characters boring honestly but they are the final push to get Yuzu and Mei being together. If that wasn’t obvious.

At this point, I’m nearly done with all the toying of emotions. Lock Yuzu and Mei somewhere and don’t let them out till they have all their swimming emotions out in the open. No more masks or secrets.

Where Twin Drama Will Make A Difference Sure…

It’s sad seeing the series going from last week’s high to this week’s low. I’m hoping next week’s episode will not be as boring as this. It was a snooze fest. Was it boring for you too? Do you want Yuzu and Mei to just get together already? Tell us in the comments!!

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I’ll see you all next week. !!


Next Time: Love You Only


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