Citrus Episode 1 Review: Love Affair!

Yuri anime adaptations, like Summer 2017’s Netsuzou Trap, are a rare thingNTR was only an anime short and disappointing, to say the least, but it wasnt the worst title Ive ever seen. Highly anticipated Citrus, on the other hand, was something I was looking forward to. Its one of the most well-known yuri manga and the buzz within the yuri community has been high. Citrus got off to a solid start and this yuri series holds a lot of promise.


It’s a new town and new school for protagonist Yuzu after her mother remarries. Fresh starts can always go good or bad. In this case for Yuzu, anything is smooth sailing in her idea of making new friends and starting fresh. The amount of make-up and accessories Yuzu packs on was a bit too much… seriously, tone it down! Its not long before Yuzu has the student council on her case since her attire is not conforming to school dress code. Imagine all the girls in all-girls school dressed as Yuzu for their first day at school. 

Yuzu doesnt take this lying down and tells in her defense that she didnt know about the dress code. Things look ready to explode when president Mei comes to rectify the situation. Nothing stands out about Mei except all her shouting. That first impression is blown out of the water when Mei gets close to Yuzu. She just sent out the wrong impression when she tried to grab Yuzus phone. A girl without her phone… It can feel like end of the world for them!!

Having such a first day of school as Yuzu had? A nightmare. Nothing else could have made it worse. Right? WRONG. Yuzu comes home to learn she has a stepsister and she just happens to be president Mei. Yuzu tries to look past what happened and start on good terms. Mei is standoffish and this gets right under Yuzu skin. Yuzu is trying to be the good one… no need to be rude, Mei. Everything just takes an unexpected turn when Mei kisses Yuzu, and not just a peck. Oh my, that was a heated scene. And the face Yuzu had! Id feel like a lost little lamb, ‘What just happened??’ What was even worse was that Mei stole Yuzu’s dream first kiss that Yuzu had seen in her shoujo manga. 

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