Chow Down on Fullmetal Alchemist Food at SweetsParadise!

Sweets Paradise, a chain of Japanese cafes specialising in sweet goods, is teaming up with the Fullmetal Alchemist TV anime for a series of collaborative main courses and desserts available from Nov. 20.

The collaborative menu has been themed around the Fullmetal Alchemist universe and of course includes dishes inspired by characters from the show!

Transmutation Circle Pizza (Edward Elric)
Transmutation Circle Pizza: Alphonse Elric
Gluttony Onigiri
Roy Mustang’s Curry
Al’s Sesame Ice Cream
Winry’s Apple Pie

There’s also a number of collaboration drinks on offer, some of which have quite amusing names.

A milkshake even a milk hater like Ed can enjoy
Greed’s drink of incidentally sweet desire
Lisa’s chia seed yogurt drink
Envy’s Tapioca Melon Soda
Armstrong Family Teatime
Latte featuring famous lines from the show

Customers ordering from the collaboration menu will receive a bonus postcard featuring a famous scene from the show and some items will even come with a limited edition Roy Mustang glove (while stocks last)!

While the campaign is running, there will also be a series of panels on show in store including photo spots for fans to enjoy and the cafes will be offering a selection of exclusive merchandise including acrylic keychains.

New illustrations featuring Ed, Roy, and Ling Yao have also been produced especially for the collaboration which will be used for the limited edition merchandise.

The collaboration runs from Nov. 20 at Sweets Paradise branches in Shinjuku East Entrance, Shinsaibashi (Osaka), Nagoya Parco, Kawasaki Dice, Utsunomiya Parco, Shizuoka Parco, Hiroshima Parco, and at Fukuoka Parco from Dec. 1. If you’re around any of these areas, why not drop in to see Ed and the gang?

(C) Arakawa Hiromu / Fullmetal Alchemist Production Committee, MBS

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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