Chio's School Road Episode 1 Review: Because The School Is There – Chio-chan and Hosokawa-san

Chio’s School Road is basically the story of a very average (or at least self-proclaimed as very average) high school girl who is on her way to school. You may think this might be limited ground to build a whole TV show on… and you’re probably right, but at least it’s funny.

Japanese Original Episode Title:  そこに学校があるから / ちおちゃんと細川さん


Chio’s late for school. Insecurity intensifies. She spent too much time playing what is obviously a game paraphrasing Assassin’s Creed and fell asleep while putting her shoes on. This is all too familiar to me in a dangerous way, but at least I’m not in high-school anymore (THANK THE LORD). While she is calculating the optimal itinerary to get to school (also dramatically familiar), she falls on a dead end due to roadworks (please don’t tell me Japanese cities have roadworks as often as London does, please don’t ruin my dreams just yet). She has two options. One is to be late and be made an example of by the school along with the other delinquents for being late (one of the seems to have blood on his shirt, what). The other is to become an assassin. Climb that pole, walk on the roof, stare at people’s underwear drying in the sun, feel the shame of committing such an action. Be spat on the face by a middle aged man who is brushing his teeth half naked and whose lips are way larger than they should. Jump on a douchey salaryman’s face to create a path and then peacefully emerge out of a love hotel parking lot, only to have you picture taken by a local perv. I suppose you can all imagine what her choice was.

Themes & Trivia

Assassin’s Creed: An action adventure video game franchise that used to be awesome but is now an overstretched and over-hyped watered down version of what it once was. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Game brain: You know how when you’ve been doing something for very long you tend to interpret the whole world as an extension of that thing’s existence… You may call it game brain, but it actually applies to everything. I’ve personally had it with games, of course, where I was looking for a sprint button in real life; chess, when I would strategically choose my place in the bus depending on the people around me; and drawing, where people would turn into forms and shades and shadows and highlights. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just means you’re really into what you’re doing.

Middle-aged Japan: It’s not the first time I see middle aged people being mocked in comedy anime, I’m not sure why this is such a popular thing. Maybe because the majority of people who watch anime, being in their 30s, enjoy to see the generation of the people who run (or used to run) their lives ridiculed. Notice the old ladies with a perm gossiping (lol) and the overly enthusiastic dude brushing his teeth half naked on his window and making generic comments like ‘OH the sun is working overtime today’.

So graphic: The spit scene where the mixture of saliva and toothpaste dramatically fall on Chio’s glasses was as funny as it was disgusting. The drawing style of her eyes and glasses was definitely a reference to some anime where the character is induced to violence and exertion of bodily fluids – I’m gonna go with Attack on Titan here.

Off to a good start

Chio’s School Road looks like a cute show. Nothing that will blow your mind of course, and nothing that Azumanga Daioh hasn’t already done ten million years ago, but it’s fun and entertaining to watch. The fact that I somehow empathize with the protagonist (maybe not on her views on high-school life but definitely on her obsession with gaming and her paranoid thinking process) kind of helps too.

How did you find the first Chio’s School Road episode? Let us know in the comment section! And don’t forget to check the rest of the Summer 2018 anime reviews on MANGA.TOKYO and our preview for Episode 1 and Episode 2.

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Chio’s School Road

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