Bring Sailor Moon into the Kitchen With a Key Item Ice Tray!

On Jan. 11, Premium Bandai opened pre-orders for the Sailor Moon Silicone Ice Tray, an item that allows fans to consume edible key items from Sailor Moon!

These molds make precise and adorable replicas of the Silver Crystal, Crystal Star Compact, Space-time Key, and the Cutie Moon Rod – all familiar items that appear frequently throughout Takeuchi Naoko’s classic shoujo series.

The tray itself is strong and durable with a stylish pink color. While the item was officially made for ice, those with a little creative thinking will find they can use it for treats like yummy chocolates, fruit-flavored ice, pre-made broth, and much more! A versatile kitchen essential, fans will find it handy when the time comes for romantic holidays, Sailor Moon-themed parties, and indulgent meal preps!

Product Details
Name: Sailor Moon Silicone Ice Tray
Price: 1,944 yen
Dimensions: (WDH) approx. 115 x 175 x 25 mm
Material: Silicone
Release: Mar. 2018

(C) Takeuchi Naoko / PNP / Toei Animation
(C) Naoko Takeuchi

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