Blood Blockade Battlefront & Divine Gate Team Up For Collab!

Nightow Yasuhiro’s urban fantasy series Blood Blockade Battlefront is teaming up with mobile game Divine Gate to bring players and fans alike a special collaboration event!

Until Sept. 15, players will have the chance to add limited scratch units like “Leonardo Watch”, “Klaus Von Reinherz”, “Zapp Renfro”, “Steven A. Starphase”, and other well-known characters to their inventory. Unit abilities have been buffed since the last collaboration between the two.

An exciting collaboration quest is also on the table. Players can try their skills against two of the Thirteen Kings like the King of Despair or the Queen of Monomania! Those who manage to best them will have the chance to acquire them, so what’s sure to be a draining battle is worth the challenge.

Divine Gate will also have an incentive for new players drawn to the game because of the collaboration! As a reward for clearing an elementary quest for the first time, players have the opportunity to acquire the limited scratch unit “Watch Leonardo – EDver.”

The event is sure to distract fans of Blood Blockade Battlefront for at least a little bit until the second season premieres in October.

© 2015 Nightow Yasuhiro / Shueisha / Blood Blockade Battlefront Production Committee
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Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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