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Age: 15

The anime and manga begins with Ichigo, a young student that is fifteen years old but both follow his development, with the manga following him until he has become an adult and has even started his own family.

Abilities: Medium, Substitute Soul Reaper, Quincy, Hollow

A major part of Ichigo’s development is his constant discovery that his abilities were really only a small part of a bigger number, he is unique in that as he encounters new beings, he finds that he may have a deeper connection to them than he first realizes.

Personality: Short-tempered, Motivated, Compassionate

Having always been targeted due to his natural orange hair, Ichigo has made it his responsibility to maintain his grades to fix his tarnished image among his peers and displays a very short temper but a big heart, especially towards those that cannot stand up for themselves.


Age: 15

Just as Ichigo goes through his own development, Uryu experiences his own growth, with not only his growing abilities but also the connection he has with his father which leaves him having to make great decisions.

Abilities: Quincy

Being known as the last Quincy, Uryu has only his father to guide him through the growth of his abilities. Wielding a bow and arrow manifested through his strength, Uryu has a powerful combination of Quincy abilities alongside his immense intellect.

Personality: Intelligent, Sense of Justice, Cold, Compassionate

Uryu presents himself as a cold person but beneath that is a very compassionate person with a strong sense of justice, especially towards those he feels have wronged his people in the past. He is introduced as having a hatred for all in the Soul Society, blaming them for the fall of the Quincy but he later comes to realize that hatred has been partly given from his father, leaving Uryu with an inner battle with his own demons.


Age: 16

Yasutora is a student in the same class alongside Ichigo and Uryu, having had a deep history with Ichigo and his own development up until he is 27 years old.

Abilities: Strength, Control

Having always had immense strength, Yasutora discovers that his strength wasn’t just some unique abnormality but rather a power that had been sleeping and woke up during his greatest moment of need. Despite having such destructive power, Yasutora amazingly has great control over his temper, only using his fists when he knows the enemy is in the wrong or he needs to protect others.

Personality: Compassionate, Cool-headed

As a child, Yasutora was ruthless with his fists, but having learned that he was given strength to protect others not himself, he developed a sense of compassion and a very leveled mindset of only using his fists to protect others. He holds a deep love for his friends and has proven to put his life on the line of fire in order to save others.


Age: 15

Her journey is followed alongside everyone else’s up until she is a 27 year old woman with her own family, having developed her abilities as well as her impressions of the world.

Abilities: Shun Shun Rikka (Six Flowers of Hibiscus Shield)

Given to her by her now deceased older brother, Orihime’s hair clips become a manifestation of energy, the clips having the ability to turn into six spirits which grant her the ability to attack, defend, and even heal fatal injuries to herself and others.

Personality: Compassionate, Friendly, Optimistic

Despite the loss of her older brother and having come from a family that pushed her older brother to run away with her as a child, Orihime is a naturally friendly and optimistic person, always looking for the best in others. She holds romantic feelings toward Ichigo, which she does not make secret and thus feels very protective of him during their great battles.

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