Black Clover: Quartet Knights release date announced – Rice Digital

Black Clover: Quartet Knights combines magical powers with third-person shooter gameplay.
Target your enemies using your magic sights and unleash your powers to inflict massive damage.


Band together with three friends to compete in thrilling four-on-four battles across three unique gameplay modes that will test you and your team’s ability to strategize in different ways.

TACTICAL COMBAT It takes more than brute force to win a match in Black Clover: Quartet Knights. Clever tactics are also key when facing off against fierce enemy squads. To that end, players can choose from different characters from across the Black Clover universe, each serving a specific role such as fighter, shooter, supporter, and healer, all of which offer unique strengths and abilities to their teams. A good, complimentary balance of character types and individual specialities on a team goes a long way to attaining victory, so choose wisely!


This game is looking pretty fun so far, and the promise of online modes could place this as one to definitely watch in the future. Black Clover: Quartet Knights releases for Playstation 4 and PC on September 14th, 2018. Keep an eye on Rice Digital in the future for more information on this game, and let us know whether you’re as excited as we are for it!

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